What Tattoo Reflects Your Inner Goddess?

Zoe Samuel

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About This Quiz

Your inner goddess really is something else. She always is. She is everything that is best about you. She is your hopes and dreams, your talents and virtues, your spirituality, your strength, your vulnerabilities. We call her your inner goddess because goddesses have always been exaggerated versions of people. Goddesses have a portfolio that perfectly fits their personalities. A goddess of war would be all business, while a goddess of love will be much more emotionally sensitive.

Your inner goddess is the goddess of you, not of love, or storms, or death. She is everything about you, taken to the nth degree. She is to you what Aphrodite is to love. This begs a very important question, of course: who are you? To know who your goddess is, and to know her proclivities and portfolio, we need to know everything about you.

We have a proposition for you. Take this quiz. Answer just a few simple questions, so we can discern who you really are. Some of the questions may seem strange, but trust us; we know what we're doing. Once we know who your goddess is, we can tell you the tattoo that will outwardly reflect what is inside of you, and her.

How would you feel if you moved to a new city, and found yourself surrounded by strangers?

How do you feel when you are handed a sheet of instructions?

How do you feel when you look through your financial plans?

What is the most useful advice you've been given?

How many real friends (whom you regularly see) do you have?

How many times did you get detention in high school?

How often do you worry about the wider world?

How often do you do a full exorcism of your closet?

How would you describe your role at work?

How likely are you to call the music you like "relaxing"?

How is your health?

How would you characterize your sense of personal style?

How easily do people take to you?

What are the circumstances of your job?

Has your family had a lot of challenges recently?

How many completely different careers have you had?

When you were growing up, did your parents throw a lot of parties?

How well do you take orders?

How indecisive are you about major purchases?

Have you ever considered changing your name?

How do you fare in job interviews?

What is your dream job?

What brand of car would you drive?

What movie genre do you like best?

Which of these nations would you most like to visit?

In which branch of the military would you want to serve, if you had to?

How much of your income is spent on rent?

How precarious is your job?

How many languages do you speak?

How achievable are your life goals?

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