What Truck Are You Meant to Drive?

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

Whether you are considering your first truck or you are thinking about getting a new model, you have a lot to think about when it comes to choosing. Rather than head down the dealership and endure high-pressure sales tactics, we've designed a quiz that will help you figure out the truck you're really meant to drive. Will it be the same truck you might have in mind?

As we put you behind the wheel and hand the keys to the questions, we think we'll learn a lot about the truck you both need and want. Your answers will give us a little insight into your reasons for needing a truck, what you will do with it, and the way you approach the road. Once we get a good feel of the kind of truck owner you are at heart, we will reveal the truck you are truly meant to drive.

Before you sign on the dotted line and purchase a truck you might end up unhappy with, let us help you figure out which one is the right one. Is it the make and model you've had your eye on, or will it be something else? We'll let you know when you cross the finish line!

Do you currently own a truck?

Which foreign automaker do you like most?

Are you a courteous driver?

When did you get your driver's license?

Which muscle car would you rather drive?

Where would you rather go on a road trip?

Which small-sized truck looks the best?

What is most important to you in a new truck?

What would you use a truck for most often?

Which car looks the most ridiculous?

Do you get road rage?

Are you mechanically inclined?

Are you the outdoorsy type?

Which luxury feature would you add to a new truck?

Where would you shop for a new truck?

Do you prefer a manual shift transmission?

Would you let anyone else drive your new truck?

Do you enjoy watching NASCAR?

Do you have any use for four-wheel drive?

Which word describes the state of your current car?

Do you negotiate when purchasing vehicles?

How long is your commute?

What makes you crazy when you see other drivers do it?

What would be your auto industry job?

What kind of weather is hardest to drive in?

Which driving movie do you like most?

Would your new truck have tinted windows?

What kind of music do you listen to when you drive?

Who taught you how to drive?

How many speeding tickets have you had?

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