What Truck Would Your Dog Drive?

Teresa McGlothlin

Image: Elizabeth W. Kearley / Moment Open / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Your dog might not be able to reach the gas pedal, but that doesn't mean that they wouldn't look great behind the wheel of a brand new truck! Once you tell us all about your favorite furry friend, we will match their traits up to the truck they should be driving — if, of course, they could drive. Will you agree with the ride we think your dog should own? 

Every truck on the market has a different kind of human appeal. For the purposes of this quiz, we are going to assume that your dog has the human desire to be a truck owner. Whether your dog is built as tough as an F-150 or as stylish and efficient as a Nissan Frontier, the answers you provide will let us know which truck suits them best.

Unless you tell your dog that you are going to the vet, we are going to assume that your pooch likes going for a ride. Now, we get to picture them tooling around town in their very own truck. Will you agree with the truck we choose for your dog, or will we fail to get to know your dog as well as you do? If you're ready to roll, get going!

Do you tell your dog when you are heading to the vet?

Which of these dogs is about the same size as yours?

What do you think your dog does while you're at work?

How did you and your dog meet?

Which of these human treats would you share with your pooch?

Where does your dog sleep at night?

What does your dog do when you take it for a ride?

What personality trait do you and your dog have in common?

How does your dog react when someone comes to the door?

Is your pup a baby, an adult or a senior dog?

Which trick did you teach your pooch first?

Has your dog attended obedience school?

Would you ever throw a party for your pup?

How many times a week do you go to the dog park?

Do you have a doggie door in your home?

Where does your pup like to sit when you go somewhere?

How does your dog feel about cats?

When you are eating, how does your puppy behave?

How would you describe your dog's bark?

What kind of driver do you think your dog would make?

How do you let your dog know that it's a good boy or girl?

Which part of your dog's body is the cutest?

Is your puppy more of a lap dog or a guard dog?

Which of these wild dogs is your domesticated friend most like?

Which of your dog's senses seems the strongest?

Does your dog know all of your secrets?

Has your dog ever tried to escape?

Where do you go that you wish your dog could go?

How does your dog greet other dogs?

Do you think you are smarter than your dog?

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