Quiz: What Type of City Matches Your Soul?
What Type of City Matches Your Soul?
By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

Cities are the cradle of civilization, or at least that's what Socrates thought. Cities are special because they allow people to have more interactions and be exposed to more ideas. To paraphrase Teddy Roosevelt, you can't discover your great inventor without that inventor learning the tech they need to invent things and meet the people who will inspire and or/fund things.

Cities each have a distinct character. Being born in a city doesn't mean it is the perfect city for you. Some cities are dominated by a single, inescapable entity, like a government or a major company. Some cities are held up by a single industry, like how San Francisco is buttressed by the tech business.

Some cities are defined by their culture, like New York, which, despite being business friendly, convulsed when Amazon said they would build a campus there. Other cities are defined almost by their blandness, where nothing is so edgy it might offend.

To know what kind of city matches your soul, we will plumb the depths of your very being. We will tease out your tastes, morals, the speed of life you prefer, your career dreams, the works. Armed with this data set, we will be able to say which kind of city (though not the specific city) matches your soul, so you can pull up stakes and move to a place that makes you truly happy.

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How often do you feel like you need a few months to recover from the hustle and bustle?

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How difficult do you find it to come up with a topic of conversation with a stranger?

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How long can you speak on a subject without feedback from the other person in the conversation?

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What kind of car would you prefer to drive?

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What section of the morning paper do you read first?

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How many books do you read for pleasure?

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How often, if ever, do you make private wagers on politics?

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How often do you just go out with the hopes of running into something exciting?

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Which of these hobbies is most like one you'd be interested in pursuing?

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Which method of fitness appeals to you the most?

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What work hours do you like the best?

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How tall do you like your buildings?

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How many languages do you like to hear in your daily surroundings?

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What type of cuisine could you not live without?

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