What Type of Cowboy Boot Is Right for You?

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

When you see a cowboy walking down the street, you probably notice their boots and hats before you even look at their face. A good cowboy wouldn't want to be caught dead wearing the wrong boots, and you wouldn't want to disrespect their level of cool by wearing the wrong ones. After this quiz, you'll never have to worry about wearing cowboy boots that don't give off the best first impression of you! 

From practical roper boots to flashy buckaroo boots, there are more types of cowboy boots on the shelves than you might realize. While some are made for the show, others are made to keep the ranch running like bulls through the streets of Spain. As you respond to our questions, the answers you give us will tell us if you need boots for the stage or boots for the range. 

Put yourself in the saddle of each choice, and the kind of cowboy you would be will be obvious. Once we learn about your potential to both look and to dress the part, we'll be able to outfit you with the cowboy boots that would complete your entire wardrobe. Will they be the boots you've been admiring, or will you have a change of your rugged heart?

Are you currently wearing anything that resembles flannel?

If you could spend $10,000 at any store, which one would you choose?

Which item of clothing is inappropriate for horseback riding?

Do you own a set of spurs?

Where could you see yourself wearing a set of chaps?

Do you dress more like a rodeo clown or a bull rider?

Which movie had the best-dressed cowboys?

Which sort of cowboy hat would look best on you?

Where are you most likely to wear a bandanna?

Which sort of gloves do you wear most often?

When is the last time you wore a pair of cowboy boots?

What is the best part of a good cowboy shirt?

What kind of jeans do you usually wear?

Which of these belt buckles is more your style?

If you sheared a sheep, what would you make from the wool?

What do you like most about the iconic cowboy look?

Where would you shop for a pair of cowboy boots?

How would you describe your day-to-day fashion sense?

What would you wear to stay warm on cold nights on the range?

Which actor made the best-looking cowboy?

Do you like pointed toe boots or rounded toe boots more?

Which material would you choose for a custom pair of cowboy boots?

Should your pants legs be tucked into your boots?

Is your wardrobe more Bobby or J.R. Ewing?

What kind of socks would you wear with cowboy boots?

Where would you keep a handkerchief?

How would you patch up a pair of torn jeans?

Do you own any clothing with a gingham pattern?

Would you prefer alligator skin or snake skin accents on your boots?

Which of your traits would make you a great cowboy?

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