What Type of Girl Is Meant for You?

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Do you believe in the concept of soulmates? Or love at first sight? What about the idea that we all have someone out there who is meant for us? Most people seem to feel like these ideas have some merit, and when you meet someone you click with it becomes kind of hard to deny that there could be something to it all. When you find the right girl who just seems to think the way you do and be into everything you're into, how could you not be meant for each other? It's like fate was working overtime to get the two of you together and things are going to work out fine. Hopefully, anyway.

Before you can get to that perfect and awesome relationship, you need to define exactly what you mean when you say someone was meant for you. How can you tell? What kind of person does she have to be? That depends very much on what kind of a person you are, deep down inside. After all, people do say you need to love yourself before you can love someone else, right? So let's find out who you are and then we'll know exactly what kind of girl is right for you!

In a purely physical sense, do you feel like you have a type that attracts you?

You're flying solo on a Friday night. What are you going to be doing?

Do you feel like men and women have different roles they need to play in a relationship?

Do you feel jealous if the girl you're with has a lot of friends you think she might find attractive?

How many times a day is too many times to text the person you're seeing?

Is it cool if she orders a pizza and just assumes what toppings you'll want?

How many girls have you dated in your life so far anyway?

Are you a "kiss on the first date" kind of a person?

What would you consider a terrible first date?

Ever been accused of flirting even when you didn't think you were flirting?

How many drinks do you think you have in a week?

What are you going to be doing first if the two of you hit up the fair together?

If you're at an outdoor concert, what are we going to find you doing?

Do you prefer a girl to make the first move on you or the other way around?

Do you like a girl who can dance?

A romantic walk on the beach is kind of a cliche date. Are you interested?

Are you interested in double-dates with another couple of friends?

Are you down for cooking meals with your girl?

They say "opposites attract." Do you believe that?

Let's say your family absolutely hates the girl you're with. What are you going to do?

Have you ever been cheated on in the past?

How many times have you been in love?

Do you need someone else to be happy?

Would you move across the country to be with the girl of your dreams?

Have you ever dated someone just because you thought they were physically attractive even though their personality kind of sucked?

Would you ever go to couples therapy if your relationship was on the rocks?

How much time are you willing to put into pursuing someone who isn't into you at first?

Do you like a girl with body mods like piercings or tattoos?

How's your relationship with your exes?

What's your go-to for meeting new people anyway?

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