What Type of Harajuku Fashion Are You?

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Let's hop into a time machine. We're flying back to around 2004. In the U.S., fashions were all over the spectrum. You could get away with wearing Ugg boots to the most formal of events; trucker hats were worn by the fashion elite, and it seemed like trends were a dime a dozen. It was then when Gwen Stefani released her pop hit "Rich Girl," which featured a troupe of girls wearing Harajuku styles, or at least an Americanized version of them. Gwen also adopted some of the styles into her own, sending her fans looking for accessories galore.

While Stefani dubbed the dance troupe "The Harajuku Girls," there is no such thing as a Harajuku girl: Harajuku is a capital of Japanese street fashion. Just like a tattoo, Japanese street fashion is often a method of self-expression, and like avant-garde fashion, it is usually controversial or thought-provoking. Just like the punk movement of the late 1970s, visual kei fashion used music as an influence: Many artists will dress differently to stand out in the market. Ganguro fashion started in the late 1990s as a rebellion against traditional Japanese beauty by embracing fake tans and bold color choices. 

With so many types of Japanese street fashions out there, which one are you? Take the quiz to find out what Harajuku you are!

Visual Kei has its roots in punk music. Have you ever been in a band?

For some Japanese street fashion, nail length plays a big part in fashion. How long do you wear your nails?

Which of these Japanese fashion districts would you be the most comfortable visiting?

In addition to nail length, extreme nail art is also a must have. How do you feel about nail art?

Just like any look, a bad hairstyle can ruin it. How do you wear your hair?

If you're trying to perfect that perfect hourglass figure, corsets are a must. What do you think of corsets?

Do you think you could pull off wearing a platform shoe?

Inspiration comes from all places. Which of these events would get your creative juices flowing?

Makeup is pivotal to any style. How do wear your makeup?

When it comes to skin, in some Japanese street fashion, tan skin is a must. Would you ever get a fake tan?

In some cases, anime characters influence how Japanese fashions look. Which of these characteristics of a typical anime character would you interpret into your look?

When it comes to getting ready to go out, a song to pep you up may be the key to a great evening. Which of these songs is your jam?

Why do you want to wear Japanese street fashion?

Sometimes, where you're going can dictate what you wear. Which of these hangouts would you dress up to go to?

In 2017, EVA Air revealed a Sanrio (the creators behind Hello Kitty) themed jet, providing cute services. Would you fly on it?

Lolita fashions rely on various old-school fashions to complete their look. Which of these items would you wear or use?

What is one word you'd use to describe your style?

In Japanese the word kawaii means cute. Which of these "cute" items would you incorporate into your look?

Several Japanese styles incorporate glitter into their looks. So how much glitter is too much glitter?

When you're getting ready to go out, sometimes a friend's help is great for input. Who do you get ready with?

Most of the Harajuku styles are outrageous, to say the least. How comfortable are you receiving additional attention?

Accessories can either make or break a look. Which accessories do you like to wear?

Which of these hair accessories would you wear?

In Tokyo, maid cafes are a great way to relax and be pampered on many different levels. Would you ever consider working in one?

Would you want your friends to dress like you?

How long do you typically take to get ready for a night out?

Japan is notorious for making some of the most unique desserts in the world. Which of these desserts sound the most appetizing?

In some Harajuku fashion, skirts made of tulle help add a little pop to an outfit. How much tulle are you willing to wear?

Where do you tend to get ready when going out?

A lot of Harajuku fashions incorporate wigs into their looks. Which color wig would you wear?

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