What Type of Mom Are You Based on Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type?

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

Although the role of mothers has changed over the years, certain foundations remain the same. As moms, our kids rely on us to help navigate them through the world and to become the best little people that they can be. Once you finish these quiz, we will be able to determine your mothering personality based upon the Myers-Briggs personality test. 

Created by two women in the 1940s, the Myers-Briggs test uses a combination of four different traits to assign an overall personality type. With 16 different combinations, careful analysis of the way you approach your role as a parent will let us know which type of mom you are. You might think of yourself as a nurturing mom, but are you really the commanding type?

When you read our questions, use those mama bear instincts to choose the answer that sounds most like the way you deal with your children. There's no right or wrong way to approach motherhood or fatherhood, and knowing your Myers-Briggs type can help you to understand the decisions you make throughout your children's lives. In fact, looking at yourself and teach you a lot about your children. 

Find a quiet corner for yourself, and take this quiz at your uninterrupted leisure. Which type of mom are you? Let's put down the 900 things in your hands and find out! 

If you found your child's journal, would you read it?

How many children is too many children?

Do you ever hide chocolate from your kids?

How do you get your kids to do chores?

What is the most rewarding thing about being a mom?

Which of your traits do you see in your offspring?

Do you think you are overprotective of your children?

How old should kids be when you have "the talk?"

Were your kids planned or were they a surprise?

Could you handle working in early childhood daycare?

Which of these virtues do you hope to teach your children?

What is the toughest thing about being a mom?

How do you sneak some time for yourself?

Where do you usually shop for your kids' clothes?

Have your kids accused you of being embarrassing?

How would you rate the independence level of your kids?

Do you practice co-sleeping?

How did you feel the first time you saw your child?

What do your kids think of your job?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all of your responsibilities?

Which developmental stage do you like most?

Where would you prefer to go on family vacation?

How many times a day do you hug your children?

What do you expect one of your children will grow up to be?

How do you feel about helping with homework?

Do you feel like you are friends with your kids?

Have you ever been to a mommy and me group?

How do you handle it when your kids talk back?

How would you punish a teenager who snuck out?

If awards were given for motherhood, which one would you win?

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