What Type of Person Are You Most Likely to Marry?

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Have you ever wondered what type of person you're most likely to marry? Do you think it's someone who is funny, smart, spontaneous or quiet? Depending on how you answer the 30 questions in this quiz, you could be someone who is easygoing and fun or someone who is a little more introverted and shy. No matter what kind of personality you have, we've got a perfect marriage match for you! Just take this quiz to find out who you're meant to marry!

Marriage is a special way to celebrate the love between two people. But before the idea of marriage arises in a relationship, one must learn how to communicate with the one they love. After all, no true marriage can last without overcoming a few obstacles first, so don't worry if your current relationship is a little rocky. Everyone goes through periods of arguments and rough patches, and it's important to communicate how you feel with the one you love. If you can do this, you're definitely marriage-material. It's also important to keep the spark alive in a relationship by surprising your loved one with home-cooked meals and gifts. Now, it's time to keep the spark going with this fun personality quiz!

Describe your personality in three words.

What do you look for in a significant other?

When would you be ready to move in with the love of your life?

What kind of wedding would you want to have?

Do you think all rules are meant to be broken?

How do you plan out your schedule for the week?

What is the one thing in life that you can't live without?

When you think of the word "marriage," which of these colors comes to mind?

Personality versus looks: What matters more to you?

How would you feel on your wedding day?

What's the secret to making a relationship last?

If your mood was one of these bodies of water, which would it be?

If you could live in one of these cities for the rest of your life, which city would you choose?

How do you respond to change in your life?

What can you be found doing on a Saturday night?

Can other people rely on you for emotional support?

How do you feel about cooking and cleaning?

What do you like to do when you're on a beach?

Do you rely on the power of makeup to build up your confidence?

If your life was an ice cream sundae, what kind would it be?

You just saw your significant other flirting with another person! How do you react?

Where can someone find you at a house party?

Are you OK with asking for help sometimes?

What do you think makes you so smart?

Do you have any facial or body piercings?

Do you want someone to financially support you?

What would you do with an extra $20,000?

If your worst fear actually happened to you, do you think you could handle it?

Let's say that it starts to rain on the day of your wedding. How would you feel about it?

Where would you want to live with your significant other?

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