What Type of Queen Are You?

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History's queens possess complex legacies that extend far beyond their crowns and jewels. Queen Isabella of Aragon and Castile, for instance, was a gentle woman who ordered the freeing of Christopher Columbus' slaves. Cleopatra spoke at least seven languages and resolved Egypt's bankruptcy. Queen "Bloody Mary" Mary I of England, meanwhile, is remembered for sentencing thousands to their deaths.

From the bloodthirsty to the gentle, no two queens are alike. Even in the fictional realm, from the Evil Queen from "Cinderella" to Queen Cersei Lannister from "Game of Thrones," you will find multifaceted queens that take very distinct approaches to their omnipotence. Once you delve into the stories of these monarchies, both real and imaginary, it's easy to wonder: what would you do if that were you?

Well, when you take this quiz, you'll have an idea of exactly what would happen if you sat upon a velvet throne. Would you be a ruthless and vicious leader or a peaceful and forbearing one? Would you be remembered for your stunning gowns or your cutting witticisms? Answer the following questions to find out precisely what type of queen you'd be. Afterward, you'll be ready to place a crown atop your head and rule your kingdom. 

What does your ideal castle look like?

What's outside of your castle?

You're going to host an event at your castle. What will it be like?

Who lives in the castle with you?

Which one of these gowns would you like to slip into for the evening?

How will you wear your hair?

What does your crown look like?

A makeup artist is here to give you your favorite look. What do you ask for?

Which magical powers would you most like to possess?

What is your relationship like with your family right now?

What is your motto?

Everyone has to have priorities in life. What are yours?

Which Disney movie would you most like to watch over and over again?

Where would you like to go on a romantic date with your prince or princess charming?

Just admit it. What's your downfall?

Which pet would you like to keep you company?

What does an idyllic vacation sound like to you?

Finally, it's the weekend. How will you spend your Saturday?

Who's your favorite historical queen?

Speaking of queens, who's your favorite from "RuPaul's Drag Race"?

Which of these is your favorite fictional queen?

Since we're STILL speaking of queens, which member of iconic British rock band Queen is your favorite?

Which element would you like to rule over?

Which symbol do you want to represent your monarchy?

What ranks near the top of your queenly agenda?

Pick a card, any card. Which is it?

As queen of your kingdom, what is your stance on public appearances?

Which support staff members are you most excited about welcoming into your new, lavish life?

As a leader, which cause will you champion?

The queen's birthday is always a special day. Which cake will you choose?

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