What Type of Witchcraft Should I Practice?

Jennifer Post

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Some say witchcraft is based in nature. Some say it's backed by science. Some even say it's not real at all. If you fall into the category of people who believe in witchcraft, you need to figure out which kind is the best for you to practice. Some types are way more formal than others. Those are rooted in history and tradition, and the initiation process is pretty intense. However, there are types of magic that rely on nature, drawing power from the plants and water that live on earth. Some practices are derived from specific religions, like Wicca.

Whatever you believe and wherever you get your powers from, there's no wrong way to practice witchcraft. Even if you weren't born into a life of magic, that doesn't mean you can't grow into one. Your powers might present themselves as a feeling you just can't shake. They also might not show themselves until you start reading and studying about witchcraft. Being able to accept it is the first step to pretty much everything, and this is no different. Once you've accepted your powers, how do you know which type of witchcraft to practice? Maybe that will just come to you too, but if not, take this quiz instead!

Would anyone describe you as shy?

Do you believe in the power of the mind?

What class kept your attention the most in school?

Which element do you feel is the most powerful?

How do you know you're on the right path in life?

Would you rather stay up late or get up early?

What goal do you have in mind when getting dressed in the morning?

Which tone of color do you feel more connected to?

How do you handle people saying witchcraft isn't real?

Do you ever watch documentaries on witchcraft?

Do you believe that Friday the 13th represents something negative?

Are you a firm believer that things like food, herbs and supplements are the best medicine?

If you're feeling bad energy in your living space, would you sage the place?

Can you whip up things on a whim or do you need to follow a recipe?

Would you want to pass on your skills to future generations?

Do you celebrate holidays in the traditional way?

Have you ever put a spell on someone?

Would you prefer to have healing powers or mind control?

Do you do everything with intention?

Can you make things happen just by manifesting them?

Do you think you can practice witchcraft and be religious at the same time?

What do you actually think witchcraft is all about?

Does anyone else you know practice witchcraft?

Have you ever visited Salem, Mass.?

Can men and women ever really be equal?

What role does Mother Nature play in your life?

Which season do you feel more like yourself in?

How do you feel about the material things in life?

Are you always working toward spiritual enlightenment?

Do you surrender yourself to the universe?

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