What Type of Rock Rocks Your World?

Zoe Samuel

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About This Quiz

Everyone likes a little bling, an old stone house is a beautiful thing, and a crystal always adds a certain something to an outfit or a home. Which is your favorite stone? Take this quiz to find out!

How do you feel about sparkly things?

How practical are you?

Do you have infinite money to spend?

Are you easily fooled?

Do you know how to accessorize?

Do you like interior decorating?

Who are you in the Three Little Pigs?

How hard is your heart?

How are you under pressure?

Do you love myths and legends?

What's your style?

How do you like your kitchen?

Do you actually cook?

Do you mind paying a lot for insurance?

Are you really just looking for a paperweight?

Might you be in the market for a weapon?

How ostentatious are you?

Do you believe stones have special powers?

Do you lean igneous or metamorphic?

How pure do you like it?

Have you ever been at rock bottom?

What is really a girl's best friend?

Do you like change?

How do you feel about lasers?

Do you like your rocks to multitask?

How do you like your wealth?

Who else wears your stone?

How do you like to cut your stone?

How tough do you like your rocks?

Do you care about name recognition?

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