What Unique Breed of Dog Are You?

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There are many dog breeds to choose from, and all of them combine traits in different ways. Even people who don't have a dog are pretty familiar with many of the more popular breeds. We can all say for sure whether we're more high maintenance and intelligent like a collie, more playful, loyal, and straightforward like a Lab or a golden retriever, or more little and determined like a Jack Russell terrier.

However, there are many breeds out there native to countries all over the world, who have much to offer. They aren't even especially odd in many cases, being similar in their personalities to breeds or even people we know. Adding them to the mix increases the number of options for those of us who see ourselves in our canine friends to find one that really suits us down to the truest nuances of our characters. 

Perhaps we're independent and musical like the New Guinea singing dog. Maybe we're a hard working gentle giant like the Bergamasco Shepherd. Maybe we're a quirky eccentric like the Norwegian Lundehund, or an outrageous-looking but ultimately very dependable Puli from Hungary.

Which of these sounds like it might be your doggie counterpart? Let's find out!

Do you love music?

Where do you like to work?

Who do you like to work with?

How flexible are you?

How do you style your hair?

Do people have trouble pinning you down?

Do you love the tropics?

Are you your own boss?

Do you often look after kids?

How's your singing voice?

How lazy are you?

How often do you change jobs?

Can you stand the cold?

Would it suit you to be in a very socialist country?

Do you mind being the only person in your work who looks like you?

Besides English, what language do you know, or want to know?

How gentle are you?

What's your speaking voice like?

Have you ever been to Spain?

What topography suits you?

Could you live in a big city?

How ambitious are you?

What's your sense of humor like?

Do you enjoy the rat race?

What farm animal do you like the idea of being around?

Besides a dog, what pet would you keep?

What is your most common sleeping position?

What's your body type?

How needy are you?

What sort of workout do you like best?

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