What "When Harry Met Sally" Character Are You?

Steven Miller

Image: Collage; Jess, Sally, Harry

About This Quiz

Can men and women ever really be friends or does the sex part always get in the way? Answer this and other relationship questions to find out which "When Harry Met Sally" character are you.

Can men and women really be friends?

How often do you think about death?

Have you ever faked an orgasm?

Has anyone faked an orgasm with you?

Does Ingrid Bergman want to leave at the end of "Casablanca?"

Is is possible to have great sex with someone named Sheldon?

What is your gender and do you consider yourself low or high-maintenance?

Do you think that opposites attract?

How would you describe your fashion sense?

Which activity is more appealing to you?

Which song is more appealing to you?

Which sexual fantasy sounds more like you?

What are your views on eating out at restaurants?

Do you like pecan pie?

How soon would you sleep with someone?

Which word best fits your personality?

Which Broadway musical best fits you?

Which iconic New York attraction is more appealing to you?

How do you feel about dating?

How good are you at Pictionary?

How much cuddling do you like?

Which job is more appealing to you?

How well do you express your feelings?

What would your ideal romantic dinner involve?

How do you feel about sports?

How good of a friend would you say you are?

How masculine or feminine would you say you are?

What standard song is most appealing to you?

Who is your favorite classic Hollywood actor?

Who is your favorite classic Hollywood actress?

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