Quiz: What Would Your Dog’s Military Job Be?
What Would Your Dog’s Military Job Be?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Wiki Commons by Mos.ru

About This Quiz

Dogs have been serving in the military for thousands of years, and the American armed forces are no exception. They have been included in every single war that America has ever fought, from the Civil War to Vietnam to the Revolutionary War to World War Two. Dogs have detected drugs and explosives, warned troops about mustard gas attacks, helped to catch terrorists, uncovered mines and tracked down all manner of enemies. 

While in days gone by dogs would be cast aside like old rubbish when their career ended, there is a law in place these days that honors their service by guaranteeing them not only a comfortable retirement including rehoming but also the opportunity for their handler to adopt them if they want to. 

Military dogs typically work with a single handler, though of course if their human is sadly killed in action, then they may have to work with a new one - though not all can adapt. Similarly, some military dogs make the ultimate sacrifice, in which instance a poem is read by the commanding officer and the dog's bowl is ceremonially placed upside down. Fortunately, though, most military dogs - like their handlers - come home safe, and live a good retirement knowing that they truly are Uncle Sam's best friend.

Could your dog make it with the best of the best of the best? Let's find out!

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How good a nose does your dog have?

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All dogs are good dogs, but is your dog an obedient dog?

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Has your dog ever scared a human so badly that they asked you to call it off?

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Could your dog handle attention from a lot of different people?

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Do other dogs typically like your dog?

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What outfit suits your dog best?

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How did your dog come into your life?

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If your dog had to do a PR tour, what trick would it use to melt everyone's hearts?

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How well do you think your dog could cope with traumatic events?

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Does your dog have any injuries that might be an issue?

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Be honest: Is your dog lazy?

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You shoot a bird, and your dog goes to get it for you. Assuming you give no instructions against eating it, what condition is the bird in when you get it?

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A burglar breaks in! What does your dog do?

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We know it's not polite to ask, but what does your dog weigh?

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Military dogs train with a Kong dog toy. What is your dog's favorite toy?

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How does your dog feel about going in the water?

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Could your dog jump out of an aircraft with a parachute unit?

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How easily does your dog give up?

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Does your dog have a doggie best friend or two?

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Other than seeing you come home, what makes your dog happiest?

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Can your dog keep quiet enough to sneak up on someone?

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