What Would Your Hogwarts Pet Be?

Ian Fortey

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Just imagine the stress of being a student at Hogwarts. You have to leave your family behind to go to a school where right outside there's a tree that just might beat you to a pulp. The woods are full of monsters, the paintings all watch you and there are ghosts in the bathrooms. Not to mention the giant snakes, giant dogs and giant everything else that might kill or maim you. The staff mostly seem like nice people, but this school is dangerous. You really need someone to comfort you and make you feel safe. And since it's going to take some time to make friends if you're new, it's good to have a pet right off the bat. 

Pets and Hogwarts go together like Polyjuice Potion and sneaky plans. From Hedwig the owl to Trevor the toad to Scabbers the rat, there are plenty of pets to go around, even if they aren't all the cuddly sort that can snuggle with you at night. if you plan to spend any time at Hogwarts, you need to have your pet picked out and ready to go. Lucky for you, there's no need to bust out the wand and try a spell to figure this one out. Just take the quiz and see what pet is right for you!

What class would you most look forward to taking while you're at Hogwarts?

Which student from Hogwarts would you most want to befriend?

Which house are you hoping to get sorted into at Hogwarts?

Have you given any thought to what you want your Patronus to be?

We're playing Quidditch! Pick your position!

Which professor from Hogwarts do you think could teach you the most?

What do you think you'd use your magical powers for most often?

Are you the kind of person who will drop everything if a friend calls and needs you right away?

Which of these spells would you most likely use?

There are all kinds of fantastic beasts in the Potterverse. Which one is your favorite?

You need the right wand to be a powerful wizard. What's at the core of yours?

Which of the Unforgivable Curses do you think is the worst?

What would you say is your most useful skill in life right now?

Hogwarts is essentially a high school. Which non-magical high-school movie do you like the most?

Are you really close with your family or not so much?

Obviously, Voldemort was bad news, but which other villain really got under your skin?

Which of the non-human beings from the Potterverse are most interesting to you?

What would you be doing all the time if you had magical powers?

If you have a little extra cash, maybe you could go shopping in Diagon Alley. Where would you want to visit most?

If you got a job at the Ministry of Magic, which department do you think you'd end up working in?

Harry has a lot of help from friends along the way. Aside from the main group, who would you most like to be friends with?

Do you think there's such a thing as magic in real life?

What's your favorite fantasy series aside from Harry Potter?

What one fantastic beast do you wish existed in the real world?

Would you ever use your magical skills for personal gain?

Since the portraits at Hogwarts are able to talk to people and store the memories of their subjects, is a portrait alive and deserving of rights?

A parselmouth can talk to snakes. What other animal would you like to be able to speak to in real life?

Hogwarts has more than its fair share of spirits roaming the halls. Which one would you want to get to know better?

Which magical creature sidekick would you want to have on your side during a fight?

The Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers never stick around for very long. Which one was the best?

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