Quiz: What Would Your Job Be in the FBI?
What Would Your Job Be in the FBI?
By: Ryan Choate
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About This Quiz

The FBI as we know it today has roots that go back to the early 20th century during the Roosevelt administration. At the time, Attorney General Charles Bonaparte was trying to assemble a cadre of lawmen to combat various rising crimes. At the blessing of the president in 1908, Bonaparte amassed a group of investigators to work for the Department of Justice. This is typically referred to as the birth of the FBI, or the Federal Bureau of Investigation, though at the time the bureau was just known as the BOI (Bureau of Investigation).

The FBI has a vast number of different jobs under the Department of Justice for the sole purpose of protecting our nation and citizens from terrorism, cyber criminals, mobsters, corrupt government officials and serial killers. Jobs within the FBI include field agents, who are the boots-on-the-ground investigators, to cybercrime analysts, who investigate all forms of nefarious online activity. Do you have a knack for analyzing data, navigating the dark web or finding pieces of a puzzle that nobody else can see? If you think you are the next Donnie Brasco, come examine this quiz and we will guess what you job would be in the FBI!

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What is your favorite TV show featuring characters who are in the FBI?

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FBI agents go through extensive training. Which of the following would be too difficult for you?

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Are you willing to relocate anywhere in the U.S. for a job with the FBI?

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Which term best describes a computer program that alters the function of another computer program?

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When you hear the term "hacker," what do you think of?

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Where did you grow up?

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When was the last time you ran further than a mile at one time?

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Which of the following do you consider a sport?

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Which of the following best describes you in high school?

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You might have to put yourself if harm's way for you country. Are you willing to do so?

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If you show up to a crime scene of a murder, what is the first thing you do?

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When you stub your toe on the coffee table, do you yell at the coffee table?

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