What Would Your Snapchat Job Be?

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Snapchat has come a long way from that app that made your pics disappear right after someone saw them. It's one of the biggest boys of social media now, up there with Instagram and YouTube. With 190 million users every single day (yeah, that adds up to more than half the population of the United States), it's a global trend. So why are so many people using it? It's dope! 

The app just does what it's supposed to do, plus, you know, it gives you a ton of fun filters at the same time. But, there are so many people behind the scenes to make Snap function like that. The biggest openings at Snapchat right now are in engineering. You gotta know the code and the technical sides to master this one. Then there's the folks who bring the filters to reality, designing the floating hearts and making you look like you woke up like that. Designers work in the "snap lab" to come up with those litty filters. 

Do these Snapchat jobs sound like your future? You may not hate Mondays if you got a job at a place like this. The question is, what's the right job for you? Take a look and see!

How often do you post videos you made yourself on YouTube?

Instagram is the number-three social media platform behind Facebook and YouTube. How many Insta followers do you have?

Back in the '90s, some people thought the internet was a fad. What's something people don't take seriously now that you think will even bigger in 30 years?

If a friend sends you a meme they think is hilarious, what are the odds you've already seen it?

You can be honest here: Are you thirsty for attention sometimes?

How often do you have to explain technology to older relatives?

A sense of style is important, right? Do you hunt for brand names or do you not care?

Plenty of time for serious adulting later in life. Fam ever tell you that you should be a comedian?

Do you ever wish more people understood what you were talking about?

If you were working the best job in the history of ever, what hours would you be working?

How often do you use your social media to flex on your accomplishments?

We all have at least one social media account we pretty much never check. What's yours?

Everyone needs to secure the bag somehow. How do you make your money right now?

Some people say you just need to live your life when you're a kid and not worry about anything but school. How old were you when you got your first job?

So how would you have ended "Game of Thrones?"

Are you extra with the number of channels you subscribe to on YouTube or are you keeping it low-key?

Are you more likely to respond to something a friend posted by saying "yes!" or "yass!"?

Do your parents follow you on social media?

How likely are you to drag someone on social media who says something insulting to you?

A lot of big-name influencers can make some huge bank. Are they worth that much money?

Are you good at organizing people and telling them what they need to do?

There's an ice-cream truck in L.A. that will charge influencers double instead of giving them free product. Cool or not cool?

What would be the most lit thing to be known for on social media anyway?

Has anyone ever gotten so salty with you on social media that you had to block them?

How serious are you when you get to work on something?

Do you know how many texts you send in a day?

If you had to, could you hold a conversation using just emojis?

Filters: So done or fire?

If you're down to listen to some music, how are you doing it?

Do you follow any corporate accounts on social media just because they're funny and not because you like the actual product?

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