Quiz: What Year Is Your Soul From?
What Year Is Your Soul From?
By: Steven Miller
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

If you've always felt like your soul was connected to a time in the past, there might be a very good reason why you have that sensation. Perhaps you have memories that don't seem to be from your current lifetime. Maybe you can recall people and places that have long ago faded into history. We're not talking about something you might learn from reading a book; we're referring to a feeling that you were actually there.

If you watch every show or movie that has anything at all to do with Ancient Egypt, that might be a sign that you are an old soul. If your connections and interests go back long before the shift from BC to AD, it seems likely that your soul has been around on this planet for thousands of years and a great many lifetimes.

If you're more drawn to people and places in more recent times, you might just be a new arrival onto this plane of existence. This would show up in a deep affinity for the scientific method and a deep interest in everything to do with the Industrial Revolution and beyond.

Step into our time machine, and let's find out the specific year that was your soul's time to shine.

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