Quiz: What's in that recipe?
What's in that recipe?
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Much like fingerprints, no two recipes are alike. Sometimes, it's just one special ingredient that sets a dish apart from imitators. Take our quiz to discover if you can spot the common and incredibly exotic ingredients found in complex recipes from around the world.

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Guacamole at its simplest is comprised of what three main ingredients?
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Authentic French bouillabaisse must include which of the following seafood ingredients?
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Paella hails from the Valencia region of Spain. What type of meat does the more contemporary variety of this rice dish feature?
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Smoothies can be made with virtually any type of fruit, some yogurt and ice. How can calorie-conscious smoothie fans lighten up the typical recipe?
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What spice commonly found in curry dishes is believed to prevent and possibly treat the effects of Alzheimer's disease?
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The Korean rice dish bi bim bop often includes some earthy ingredients, including which of the following?
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Brunswick stew is the ideal cold-weather treat for meat lovers. What kinds of meat, in addition to pork, can be included in a Southern-style recipe?
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Tiramisu is undoubtedly a favorite dessert of coffee addicts everywhere, since a type of coffee is one of the main ingredients. Which type is it?
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Ceviche, which features fish or shrimp, is a cold dish that was developed in Spain. What main ingredients take the place of actual heat during the "cooking" process?
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