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Much like fingerprints, no two recipes are alike. Sometimes, it's just one special ingredient that sets a dish apart from imitators. Take our quiz to discover if you can spot the common and incredibly exotic ingredients found in complex recipes from around the world.

Guacamole at its simplest is comprised of what three main ingredients?

Whether it's served as a dip or a topping, guacamole can be tweaked using any number of ingredients to fit individual tastes. The basic recipe is made with ripe avocados, tomatoes and salt, but you can add in onions, cilantro, jalepenos and lemon or lime juice.


Authentic French bouillabaisse must include which of the following seafood ingredients?

Traditional French bouillabaisse is simply a fancy fish stew. The most common variety typically includes shellfish, tomatoes, olive oil, orange peel, garlic, saffron and other spices. The Provencal version must include mussels to qualify as authentic.


Paella hails from the Valencia region of Spain. What type of meat does the more contemporary variety of this rice dish feature?

Nitpicky foodies might insist on making paella with chicken and rabbit, which is how the dish started out in Valencia. Those with an affection for Thumper can enjoy the more commonly found seafood variety.


Smoothies can be made with virtually any type of fruit, some yogurt and ice. How can calorie-conscious smoothie fans lighten up the typical recipe?

A little bit of yogurt can be substituted with the more waistline-friendly skim milk without sacrificing taste.


What spice commonly found in curry dishes is believed to prevent and possibly treat the effects of Alzheimer's disease?

Also known as yellow ginger and haldi, turmeric contains curcumin, a compound that some studies claim has the ability to reduce and treat brain inflammation that can result in Alzheimer' disease.


The Korean rice dish bi bim bop often includes some earthy ingredients, including which of the following?

In addition to veggies, beef and white Korean rice, bi bim bop is usually made with bracken, a type of fern.


True or false: Authentic barbecue sauce is always thick and tomato-based.

Barbecue sauces run the gamut from the thick, tomato- or molasses-based varieties to thin vinegar-based recipes. Mustard-based sauces are also very popular.


Brunswick stew is the ideal cold-weather treat for meat lovers. What kinds of meat, in addition to pork, can be included in a Southern-style recipe?

Cooks add some extra bulk to Brunswick stew with chicken as well as veggies like okra, corn, black-eyed peas and lima beans.


Tiramisu is undoubtedly a favorite dessert of coffee addicts everywhere, since a type of coffee is one of the main ingredients. Which type is it?

Espresso-soaked ladyfingers layered with a delectable cheese and cream concoction are the main components of this Italian dessert.


Ceviche, which features fish or shrimp, is a cold dish that was developed in Spain. What main ingredients take the place of actual heat during the "cooking" process?

Your stove can take the back burner when you're preparing this exotic dish. The seafood is marinated in lemon and lime juices, the acidic properties of which serve to "cook" the seafood, no heat required.


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