What's Your Cruise-A-Nality?

Khadija Leon

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People often say that you get to know others when you vacation with them. Taking a cruise qualifies as a vacation, so what are you really like? What's your cruise-a-nality?

Will you be traveling alone?

What kind of room did you score?

What kind of clothing makes up most of what you packed?

What’s your luggage situation like?

What can you not afford to forget to pack?

It’s a vacation, but what technological item are you bringing with you?

How of your trip will end up on social media?

How do you imagine your vacation being?

What do you plan on doing on the ship?

Which Cirque du Soleil show would you love to see on the ship?

What kind of dessert do you hope the ship has?

What’s your go-to vacation drink?

Which menu item would get you the most excited?

Do you ever get drunk when you go out?

Which of these activities would you spend an entire day doing on the ship?

Where is your ship going to?

How did you choose that destination?

What are you most likely to break on the ship?

Which cruise line will you be going on?

What size is the ship?

The best adventures are …

Are you an indoor or outdoor person?

Are you a very social person?

At a house party, what would you be doing?

What kind of event would you rather go to?

What’s your favorite outdoor activity?

Which of these sounds like your ideal house?

How would your friends describe you using travel terms?

When you return from the trip, what would you have the most pictures of?

Where should your significant other bring you on date night?

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