What’s Your Crystal Type?

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Although indigenous communities like the Hawaiian Islanders and Hopi Native Americans have utilized crystal healing in their ceremonial practices for generations, many others in the U.S. didn't adopt such practices until the onset of New Age spiritual movements. Such spiritual followers often view crystals as vessels of creative expression and individuation; they also believe these stones can heal the body, mind and spirit. 

Whether or not you believe in the healing powers of crystals, learning your particular type may help you become more connected to yourself. Sure, many feel skeptical as to the magical properties of a hunk of mineral — but perhaps you can imbue it with a bit of "magic" of your own. Just as every person has a birthstone, everyone also possesses a unique crystal type that reflects their special place in the world. 

Let's face it: everyone's a little lost, but perhaps your crystal can show you the light. If you want to learn which stone reflects your soul, simply answer the following questions. Are you a powerful, jet-black chunk of obsidian or a clear-as-glass piece of quartz? Do you love and nurture like the verdant jasper or burn with passion like a bloodstone? The answers very well may rock your socks off ... 

Let's visualize your "happy place." Where is it?

Which of these inspirational quotes do you totally need to hear right now?

Imagine that some Girl Scouts just rang your doorbell. Do you buy a box?

Everyone feels pressure at some point or another. Which one of these stressors are you most likely to suffer from, though?

Do you work to live or live to work?

Pretend that your boss just called and said that you don't need to come in until after lunch. Don't worry, you'll still be paid. So, how will you spend your spare time?

Hopefully, you already know that someone out there loves you. But do you love yourself?

Oops, you're running a bit late. Quick, which item (other than the essentials) do you never leave the house without?

Someone you care about is feeling down. Though you may offer support in many ways, what is your strongest suit?

One of your friends wants to help you in your time of need. She plans to prepare you a meal at home. What do you hope she's cooking up?

Yum, it's time to indulge in a dessert of your choosing. What would you enjoy the most?

The way you present to the world doesn't always align with what you know about the "true you." What do you wish others understood about you?

Pretend you're gazing up at the clouds. What type of shapes will you find in them?

There are some foods that almost everyone seems to enjoy, like pizza. Other foods, however, are more controversial. Which of these much-disputed eats do you like most?

Time to enjoy a relaxing day at the spa. Which treatment would you like to indulge in?

Sometimes, perceived "flaws" also serve as pools of strength. What's one of your "negative" traits?

Let's head to the jewelry store. Which piece do you find most stunning?

A lot of adolescents roll their eyes when their parents brag about them. In retrospect, though, it's pretty sweet. What did your parents or guardians rave about when you were a child?

Pretend you can snap your fingers and suddenly appear anywhere in the world. Which of these natural landscapes sounds most appealing to you?

As you attempt to drift off, some worries continue to dance around in your head. What type of anxiety ails you?

Which popular "dream career" is actually your nightmare?

If you could accomplish anything in your work, what would it be?

Your loved one walks in the door carrying something you think you shouldn't have, but simply can't say no to. What is it?

Let's say that you're feeling a little irritable and impulsive. Which of these things are you most likely to do?

Like it or not, you have to dye your hair. Which color will you choose?

Metaphorically speaking, how would you describe your heart?

Everyone suffers from illnesses and ailments sometimes. Which part of your body tends to give you trouble?

Everyone has that one random thing that grinds their gears. What's yours?

Sometimes it's nice to tackle your favorite items on your to-do list first. What chore do you actually kind of enjoy?

Let's listen to a podcast. Which topic do you want to hear about right now?

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