What's Your Cuddle Style?

Zoe Samuel

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It is a scientific fact that cuddling is very good for you. This is not something we made up; it is something that has been exhaustively investigated using MRI machines and blood tests and the full arsenal of Science with a big S. Cuddling reduces stress hormones like cortisol and lowers your heart rate and your blood pressure, reducing your chances of stroke and heart attack. It increases "happy hormones" like oxytocin and dopamine, which improve your sense of wellbeing and fortify your immune system. It also boosts love hormones like vasopressin and estrogen, that bond a couple together and make you less like to stray from your relationship.

Still, not all cuddling suits everyone exactly the same way. The wrong sort of cuddle will only stress you out, and that's hardly conducive to the health and relationship benefits enumerated above. You have to find a way to cuddle that works for you; otherwise, it'll just become one more thing on your to-do list, and then it will be onerous at best.

That's why it is imperative to identify your personal cuddle style. Do you like to initiate the cuddle, or have your boo do it? When do you need cuddles, where, and for how long? Let's find out!

Who decides when the snuggles happen?

How do you indicate you want a cuddle?

What is the best cuddle position?

How often is too often to cuddle?

What extra touching should go with the cuddles?

Who do you like to cuddle?

What do you like to wear when cuddling?

What space is best to cuddle in?

What time of day is best for cuddles?

Can you cuddle when you have things to do?

How long should a cuddle last?

What happens if your arm goes numb?

What would make you not want to cuddle your boo?

How do you signal you want to end the cuddle?

Is public cuddling acceptable?

If you don't get a cuddle for a few days, how do you feel?

How important is the opportunity to give consent to cuddle before it starts?

How many people are on your will-cuddle list?

How do you feel if a cuddle is foisted on you?

Do you ever secretly get bored during cuddles and think about something unrelated?

Do you like a cuddle after an exam or test?

Have you ever scheduled a cuddle?

Have you ever pestered someone for a cuddle?

What emotional state would most likely make you want to cuddle?

Is cuddling just sappy?

Do you prefer to cuddle under the covers or on top?

How warm should the room be?

Do you prefer to cuddle on a stationary surface like a couch, or a moving one like a hammock?

Can you sleep while you cuddle?

How do you feel if you want a cuddle and you are rejected?

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