What's Your Dating IQ?

Khadija Leon

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Dating can be difficult, and it's equally tough to assess just how much you know about the do's and don'ts of the dating game in 2017. So what's your dating IQ?

How would you describe your dating style?

Would you date yourself?

Are you ever your true self on a first date?

What look are you going for?

How would you react to a compliment from your date?

What should your date bring on the date?

Would you ever date someone who was already in a relationship?

What about someone with kids?

What happens when your prospective date wants to do something you don't want to?

Have you ever tried online dating?

Which of these are you most likely to join?

What do you do if someone says they'll text you and they don't?

What's your ideal first date?

You're on a dinner date but you feel sick. What do you do?

Who has to pay for the date?

What's the first thing you think when your date blows you off last minute?

What would you do if your date started asking you uncomfortable questions?

What about if they got a little touchy-feely?

How far would you go on the first date?

If you were on a horrible date and you were asked for a second one, what would you say?

But how quickly would you agree to go on a second date if the first one was awesome?

Is long distance dating something you'd ever try?

You see your date making an absolute mess with with his/her food. What do you do?

What can you not stand in a date?

Which of these foods are you most likely to order on your first date?

And what will you be drinking?

What is the worst thing your date can do?

Where do you usually meet your dates?

How much do you talk to your date before going out with them?

What quality is most attractive to you?

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