What's Your Drag Queen Name?

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With the prominence of RuPaul's Drag Race on our TV screens and the success of the movie and then the musical, "Kinky Boots," drag has become a far more prominent cultural phenomenon than it once was. Drag is about men - however stereotypically masculine they may be in the course of their ordinary lives - dressing up in women's clothing, for entertainment. It's not just about comedy and satire, though it has been played that way in movies like "Mrs. Doubtfire" or "Some Like It Hot." It's also about exploring gender, breaking down stereotypes and societal expectations, and being free. It's not about disrespecting the notions of femininity or suggesting they are less-than; indeed, it is more often a celebration of them.

That's where drag queens enter the picture. They're men who own their feminine energy in a very explicit in-your-face way. Not all are gay, though most are. Drag queens are typically performers who dress up in extremely glamorous garb and perform mostly on stage. The hallmarks of drag queens are flawless and very intricate makeup, enormous colorful wigs, floor-length gowns, sky-high heels, and, of course, glitter. Indeed, a true drag act is rarely complete without an enormous amount of sparkle.

What's your drag queen name? It's time to find out!

What nugget of wisdom from RuPaul is your favorite?

How salacious are you?

Do you play an instrument?

Compared to the average drag queen - who is pretty transgressive - how transgressive are you?

How did you find drag?

How much glitter is too much?

Does everyone feel the love at your show?

How long have you been a drag queen?

Could you share the stage with another queen?

What word most sums you up?

Which queen is YOUR queen?

What will push you into a full queen tantrum?

What's your signature song?

How high are your heels?

What's your secret weapon?

How long does it take to put on your face?

Does your family come to your shows?

Do your colleagues in your regular job know you do drag?

What's your signature statement piece?

Do you maintain facial hair?

Do you use your act to pick up men?

What's the highlight of your act?

Do you hope to make a living as a full time performer?

What issue in your life did drag help you sort through or conquer?

At what kind of event do you love to perform?

Some bros hassle you in the street. What do you do?

What do you wish people knew about drag?

RuPaul says we all have an "inner saboteur" who tells us cruel lies about ourselves. What does yours say?

How do you feel when you finish zipping up your costume and see the full glory of your queendom in the mirror?

Which Broadway diva do you love?

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