What's Your Druid Name?

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The Druids were a Celtic faith that preceded the arrival of Christianity in the British Isles and Ireland. Druidism honors many gods and goddesses, though the pantheon is not fixed. Some of the primary beliefs of Druidism include the sacredness of all life, as well as the connection humans have with nature. The calendar of Druidic festivals is based on the sun and moon, with celebrations of events such as the solstice and the equinox, each of which occurs twice a year.

A key figure in Druidic tradition is the Bard, who was tasked with keeping the stories of that time alive. Unfortunately, Druids didn't have a lot of writing, and there are mostly only runes left from the time of their peak dominance. This means that record-keeping can be sketchy. However, the Bards did pass down some great epics, concerning figures such as the blind giant Mug Ruith, who could cause storms with just his breath, or the great warrior Bodhmall, who was a reluctant mother at first. There are also non-fighters such as Tlatchga, who learned her father's magical secrets during their journeys and unearthed sacred stones, and of course, everyone is familiar with Merlin, the Druid who appears in the Arthurian legend.

Tell us about you, and we'll figure out which Druid name belongs to you!

Who would you consider a Druid's best friend?

Which modern festival whose rites are adapted in part from a Druid tradition do you love most?

Which sacred animal do you value most?

What industry do you work in?

Where would your ideal home be?

Are you naturally a physical warrior?

How do you get to work?

If you could go back in time safely, what period would you like to visit?

Who is your modern age role model?

What was your favorite toy to play with growing up?

Which modern sci-fi/fantasy franchise do you enjoy the most?

How often would you travel if money were no object?

Which of the key Druidic festivals is your favorite?

What Druid tattoo will you get?

You're given a protective rune. Where do you keep it?

What sort of pet do you keep?

Druids are always connected to nature. What makes you feel that connection most?

Which famous ancient monument would you totally build if it didn't already exist?

Which spell is your favorite type?

If you lived in a cave for a little while, what painting would you put on the wall to spruce it up?

How many Druidic traditions and stories can you recite from memory?

How much do you know about herbal medicine?

If you could put a geas on anyone to stop them doing risky things, on whom would you it?

What will you sacrifice to the gods and goddesses?

What sort of tree will you plant in your sacred grove?

Have you ever suspected that you might be clairvoyant?

Have you ever successfully visited the Otherworld?

How would you hide from an enemy in a time of need?

How often do you meditate?

When you visit the islands where Druidry began, where will you start?

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