What’s Your Fairy Name?

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Welcome to a magical world that is filled with bright colors, unicorns, butterflies, happy animals and of course, fairies. These mythical creatures are depicted as beautiful, playful and happy spirits who are not easily seen by human beings. In fact, fairies only reveal themselves to others when they want to be seen, as they're typically too shy to interact with people.

Even though evil fairies are depicted in folklore, the majority of stories that you might be familiar with have to do with fairies who are kind and gentle. Many of these stories were also written by the Grimm brothers, more specifically known as Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. So let's discuss one of these nice fairies for a moment. If you're familiar with the story of Pinocchio, then you might remember the magical blue fairy. This fairy took on several different appearances, but her real image was someone who wore a blue dress with blue wings. There are also other fairies that appeared in stories like "The Faraway Tree," "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and "Sleeping Beauty!" So if you want a new name that represents one of the most iconic mythical creatures of all time, then take our magical fairy tale quiz right now!

If you were a fairy, what color would your beautiful wings be?

One of these locations is fit for your fairy powers, but which one is it?

Which of these famous literary fairies is your personality similar to?

Would other people say that 'mischievous' is your middle name?

You can't be a fairy without some pretty jewels to accentuate your look! Which of these are you going to choose?

Choose one of these other mythical creatures to team up with for an epic battle with your enemies!

As a fairy, how many years would you want to live?

Whose wand from the Harry Potter universe would you want to wield for yourself?

There are all kinds of fairies in the mythical world, but which type would you be?

Are you the type of person who knows how to naturally heal other people when they're feeling sad?

Which of your five senses would you consider to be 'above average' compared to most people?

Do you secretly have the ability to communicate with other animals in this world?

Pick one of these beautiful butterflies to fly with you on your fairy journeys!

One of these fairy titles should be attached to your name, but which one should it be?

Be honest for a moment: Do you think that a tooth fairy really counts as a magical type of fairy?

Before becoming a fairy, you have the option of never sleeping again. Will you choose this path?

It's time for you to choose a new type of fairy superpower to add to your skillset!

Do you personally believe in the existence of fairies, or is this just a "fairy" tale?

Are you always up for new adventures in life or is this something that you shy away from?

Choose one of these royal tiaras to really make you look like a fairy tale princess!

Are you shy about meeting new people or do you radiate confidence and happiness to them?

Would you describe your inner soul as kind and gentle or are you a little more evil?

Which of these Pokemon elements would you like to learn how to harness for your own powers?

Some fairies can change into other creatures! Which of these fairy Pokemon would you want to transform into?

A fairy has to eat, too! Choose one of these popular fairy foods to indulge in!

What would your job be in the wonderful fairy universe?

Pick one of these classic 'fairy' tales to help you sleep at night!

Would you want to leave everything that you love behind to become a fairy?

Are you easily enchanted by magical items that sparkle?

Do you have a sweet tooth for desserts like cookies, cakes and cheesecakes?

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