What’s Your Firefighter Nickname?

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One of the great tragedies of human history is that a great number of the loveliest things humanity has ever constructed ultimately burned down. The Great Library of Alexandria was destroyed thousands of years ago and took with it a repository of knowledge that was believed to contain instructions for machines that could have started the Industrial Revolution millennia earlier than it actually happened. In 1667, the Great Fire of London destroyed thousands of homes and killed a great many people. In the last few years globally, wildfires have been made far worse by climate change and have taken out whole neighborhoods and towns.

However, the good news is that while fires are getting worse, our resources to fight them are getting better, and that is in large part because these days we have firefighting departments. All civilized countries eventually realized that it would be cost-effective to pay for people to be trained and ready to mobilize whenever flames are set to engulf our precious cities or forests. Thus, localities invariably ensure that they have dotted around a few firehouses staffed by teams of the bravest folks out there, ready to put out fires wherever they arise.

If you think you've got what it takes to be a firefighter, then all that is missing is your firefighter name. Let's help you find it!

Why would you become a firefighter?

Do you drive the truck?

Have you ever carried a person to safety?

How do you stay mentally healthy given what you do?

Some firefighters have a side hustle due to the nature of their schedule. What's yours?

Many firefighters were previously in the military. Were you?

How quickly can you put on your firefighting outfit, compared to most?

Anyone can slide down the pole. Can you climb up it?

When it's your turn to cook for the firehouse, what do you make?

Have you ever frozen up in response to a scary situation?

What's the worst injury you've got on the job?

How long have you been a firefighter?

Do you play by the rules?

Do you have a good "bedside manner" with civilians?

Beyond what's necessary to pass the annual physical, do you work hard to stay in shape?

How much do you contribute to taking care of the firehouse cat?

Do you do any community outreach for the firehouse?

What position do you play on the firehouse softball team?

Do you come from a firefighting family?

How many times did you have to take your final tests?

Do you seek promotion, or would you rather stay at your current rank?

Are you planning to get into the firefighter charity calendar?

Do you keep your area in the firehouse nice and tidy?

How sexy do you feel in your firefighter uniform?

Do you sometimes play the siren even when the road is clear?

Do you ever put on your gear at home, just to please your partner?

Do you secretly fantasize about saving everyone all on your own?

What do you like best about being a firefighter?

Do you always study up whenever the rules get updated?

When a new firefighter joins up, do you help mentor them?

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