What's Your Flower Name?

Zoe Samuel

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About This Quiz

Flowers evolved over millions of years to appeal to all sorts of creatures by looking beautiful and smelling great, and while most of their signals are intended to delight bees, they also bring a great deal of joy to humans. Flowers symbolize everything from love to healing to friendship to mourning, and almost no major life event is complete without them. On a day-to-day basis, we use them to decorate our gardens and inside our homes, and we appreciate them where we find them in the wild. A world without flowers would be a dark one indeed (albeit one with less sneezing).

Like people, flowers are tremendously diverse in their preferences and the situations in which they can flourish. Some stand tall and demand attention in the sunlight, while others prefer a quieter life in the shade. Some will literally devour their foes, and others give sweet nectar to everyone they meet. Some will sting, but only at certain times. All are beautiful in their own way. This means that no matter whether you're free-spirited or retiring, anxious or calm, aggressive or gentle, there is a flower out there that represents you, and that's the source of your flower name. Take this quiz to find out what it is!

How shy are you?

What do people get wrong about you?

What do people get right about you?

Do you have natural leadership tendencies?

Do you know how to work with others?

How quirky are you?

Do people tend to like you more, the more they get to know you?

Do you like drawing attention to yourself?

How misunderstood are you?

Do you have more of an abundance or a scarcity mindset?

How optimistic are you?

Do people often want to talk to you?

Can you be prickly when you need to be?

Do you have a lot of diverse friends?

Can you bloom anywhere?

Do you know how to make the most of your circumstances?

How grateful are you, on the daily?

Do you like to spend time on your own?

What sort of climate do you prefer?

Can you handle a little adversity with a smile?

Do you like to work slowly and continuously, or in shorter intense bursts?

How often do you help people without getting any credit?

Are you a good tipper in restaurants?

Do you work best in the mountains or by the beach?

Do you take joy in surprising people?

Do you think you deserve your reputation?

What quality do you find really annoying in others?

Are you more vulnerable than people know?

Could you ever make it as a vegetarian?

Do you sometimes like to embrace people's expectations, because they really are spot-on for how you want things to be in that moment?

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