What's Your Ford IQ?

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Ford Motor Company is one of the oldest major manufacturers in the world and one of the great American corporations. How much do you know about Ford? What's your Ford IQ?

In which country was Ford founded?

What was Ford's first great innovation?

What was the motto of Henry Ford?

Who was the first non-Ford-family CEO of Ford?

What is Ford's best selling vehicle?

What is Ford's best selling car?

What is Ford's best selling truck?

Historically, who is Ford's biggest competitor?

Who is currently Ford's biggest competitor?

What is Ford's infotainment system called?

What is the best feature of Ford's infotainment system?

What is the engineering innovation behind the current generation of F-series trucks?

What truck is a step up from the F-150 series?

What tuning company makes the famous modified versions of the Ford signature muscle car?

What is Ford's signature muscle car?

What tuning company makes the version of the Mustang that's easiest to handle?

What was the fastest Mustang ever built?

What was the range Ford's CTO claimed their new all-electric car would have, when Raj Nair spoke to the press in May of 2017?

What is Ford's luxury marque?

What was Ford's old "slightly luxurious" marque?

What is Ford's off-road capable SUV?

What is Ford's insane family car?

What is the smallest Ford made in the last 20 years?

What was Ford's first automobile called?

Who did Henry Ford turn to in order to finance his company in the early days?

Who sued Ford in the early days for violating its patents?

Where in Argentina was the first Ford assembly line?

When did Ford acquire Lincoln?

Who was the Lincoln Motor Company named for?

Jeremy Clarkson said that the Ford Mondeo was better than what other car?

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