Quiz: What Would Your Gaelic Name Be?
What Would Your Gaelic Name Be?
By: Steven Miller
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About This Quiz

Gaelic names have deep roots in history, with many of them being a part of the legendary stories in Celtic culture. In many cases, the actions that the character took in the tales have a direct relationship to the meaning that the name holds today. In this quiz, we'll take a look at your personality type, and we'll match you up with a name that conjures up the basic sense of who you really are.

Perhaps you're a bit of a diva. If you expect things to be done a certain way and have incredibly high standards for those around you, Maebh might be your true Gaelic name. In the legends, she was a queen who would only accept a partner who matched her lofty skills and power. So, if other people think of you as being high maintenance, this regal name might suit you well.

Maybe you consider yourself to be very lucky in love. If you've been blessed to have an amazing romantic relationship, Oisin might just be the name that we're looking for. Oisin is based on a legendary character who had to overcome some significant challenges as a child, but who later found the kind of love that kept both he and his lover young for centuries. If you also feel a strong connection to nature and the deer is your totem animal, then we're pretty convinced that we've got the right one.

Let's head off to the Emerald Isle, where your true name awaits.

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