What's Your International Love Language?

Mark Philip Lichtenstein

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To some ears, French is the language of love. To some ears, that is. Still, there are other languages Francophiles would never connect to feelings of love. Let's find out which one is your favored tongue.

What outfit would you wear for a first date?

What outfit would you wear when proposing?

Where would you take a first date?

Where would you go on a romantic weekend?

Where would you go on a romantic holiday getaway?

Which of these is your date movie preference?

Which place is the most romantic?

Which time period do you think was the most romantic?

What drink would you bring to a picnic in the park?

Which concert would you go to?

Where would you propose?

Which romantic gift is your speed?

Who is the most romantic?

Who of these is the most attractive to you?

Which clothing label would you pick?

Which car would you use to pick up your date?

Which country would you visit to find a mate?

What would you do for your partner's birthday?

What have you actually done for your partner's birthday?

No, really, what was the thing you actually did, not what you'd had in mind?

What word would your happy exes use to describe you?

What word would your unhappy exes use to describe you?

How would your friends describe you in terms of romance?

How would you describe your perfect partner?

Be honest. Do you hope to get lucky on the first date?

Be honest. What are the odds of that?

Did those last couple questions just make you feel dirty?

Which word puts you in mind of romance?

What are good shoes to wear on a date?

Which is better, lots of little gestures, or one big one?

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