What’s Your Love Alignment?

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Your heart rate quickens. Your pupils grow larger. Whether you're at work or stuck in traffic, you can't seem to rid them from your mind — not that you really want to. Before you doze off each night, you dream up romantic plans for the future. What's happening?! Let's face it — either Cupid came and struck you with his bow, or you've fallen hard all on your own. 

In these early throes of romance, it can be challenging to discern intense infatuation from the real deal. Perhaps the two of you truly are meant to be — or maybe you just find them really, incredibly, amazingly charming. How can you tell for sure? Since scientists can't even seem to unveil this mystery, you may think that you have no hope. 

Don't fear. Fortunately, there is a way. First, you must determine you and your crush's unique love alignment. When you answer the following questions, you can uncover whether the two of you are destined to live happily ever after — or whether you should back out while you're ahead. Are you positively aligned, or like two oppositional poles? Save serious time, trouble, even heartache in your love life by taking the following quiz! Just try not to fall head-over-heels before you reach the finish line. 

Pretend your crush walks into the room. How do you feel when you lay eyes on them?

So, how long have you been crushing on this special someone?

Let's say it's an early Saturday afternoon. Do the two of you have the same type of plans in mind?

Inside jokes are annoying — until you're in on the joke, that is. Do the two of you share any special quips?

We're sure you adore more than one thing about your crush. What's one of them, though?

It's time to pick a movie. Whether you're flipping through Netflix or lining up at the theatre, how likely are you two to agree on the same one?

A lot of people are amazing at their best. But have you seen this individual at their worst?

How would you rate your self-esteem levels right now, on a scale of one at the lowest and four at "I'm feeling awesome"?

Have either of you ever seen the other cry?

These days, at least one component of a romantic relationship takes place in the technological realm — it's inevitable. So, what's your text flow like?

For better or for worse, online interactions can also shed quite a bit of light on life and love. So, how do the two of you interact on social media?

Let's pretend that you're going through a difficult time emotionally. Would you clue them in on the details?

Do you guys see eye-to-eye when it comes to your personal values?

Clothes play a fundamental role in one's physical appearance, which is never the most important part of a relationship. Still, someone's style can reveal a lot about them. How do your fashion senses stack up?

Woo, you just received two free concert tickets to a show you've been dying to attend. Will you invite your crush?

A crush is one thing, but love is quite another. Could you see yourself falling in love with this individual?

Let's talk about your bookshelves. Would you borrow anything from their collection?

OK, imagine that you're walking up to your crush. Do their eyebrows raise and fall quickly when they see you?

Some people are cat people; others are dog people. Some are both; some are honestly neither. Do you know if your pet preferences align?

Whether you're a regular Jerry Seinfeld or you never get your comedic timing quite right, do you manage to crack your crush up?

How often do you say "never mind" when talking to this person?

Many people have "guilty pleasures" that they don't necessarily like to blab to the whole world about. Does your crush know about yours?

Telling all is a test of trust. So, do you know about their guilty pleasures?

You're hosting your birthday party! So, do you invite them?

OK, be honest. You probably have a little bit of a clue, deep down. Do you think they like you back?

Let's not get carried away ... or maybe we should. Honestly, can you imagine introducing them to your family one day?

Everyone has at least a few little quirks. Does your crush know about yours?

OK, how about your crush's quirks? Do you know of any?

Most likely, you've divulged your secret to your inner circle, right? So, what do your friends think about your love interest?

Are any of your friends also crushing on your crush?

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