What's Your Makeup Personality?

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When it comes to makeup, there are countless ways to wear it. Some people like a modern look, while other people take retro inspiration. From minimal and cool to caked-on high glam, there are many ways that people prefer to wear makeup. Some wear something simple and sweet to the office day in and day out, while others love head-to-toe glitter for any occasion. From the alternative to the business casual to the wildly out there and artistic, there is no right or wrong way to do your makeup.  

Are you a fan of winged eyeliner or a smokey eye? Do you want a full coverage foundation, or are you all about the Korean "glass skin" beauty trend? Can you not live without false lashes? Or have you never put on a pair? All of these things and more factor into your true makeup personality. If you have ever wondered what your makeup personality is, give this quiz a spin! 

Whether you have an ultra-modern minimal flair, a taste for the offbeat, or you are a true queen of all things glam, all makeup lovers have a makeup personality that is their very own. See where yours falls with this quiz! 

Which kind of eyeshadow palette would you like best?

You prefer a ___________ foundation.

Which of these trends do you like best?

When you do your eyeliner, it’s:

Your makeup philosophy is more about:

What inspires your makeup style most?

Do you care about colors being "wearable"?

Which style of makeup do you like best?

It is most important to you that lip products are:

Which brand do you gravitate more toward?

Which decade is your favorite for makeup?

Which of these glosses would you rather wear?

When it comes to false lashes, you like ...

Would you ever wear black lipstick?

What kind of highlighter do you like?

How long does it take you to get ready?

Do you fill in your brows?

Do you like glittery products?

Would you ever give yourself fake freckles?

Do you over-line your lips?

How do you feel about stick products?

Which color eyeliner would you use more often?

Which of these products are you least likely to use?

What is your makeup collection like?

Do you contour?

Where should highlighter go?

How do you feel about red lipstick?

Your skincare routine is:

Which of these trends do you like the least?

You prefer __________ foundation.

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