What’s Your Moral Alignment?

Tasha Moore

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About This Quiz

Measure your moral level with this personality challenge flashback. But you needn't be a "Dungeons & Dragons" wizard to appreciate the character alignment spectrum we explore from the popular role-playing game.

Game veterans will recall that there are nine possible alignment outcomes: Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Chaotic Good, Lawful Neutral, Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, Lawful Evil and Neutral Evil. Our integrity test will explain the outcome that aligns best with your personality. All that we require are your honest responses to engaging real-life scenarios. 

For the uninitiated, the alignments are the basis for identities of role-playing characters. Yet, as in real life, these categories are merely guides and not hard and fast rules. You may harbor traits from one or more of the alignments — which depends on a number of circumstances that we'll explain once you're assigned a perfect moral label. The main thing to ponder is how the moral alignment system mixes and matches scenarios involving good and evil, chaos and order (or law). Theoretically, the desires of most folk reflect more of one extreme, while the rare even-tempered types hover somewhere mid-spectrum in the neutral zone, which has its own mini-range.

Expect to respond to light-hearted questions that help to reveal your deepest desires. For instance, where, when and why you might litter a public or private space likely reflects your propensity to press a nuke button or end world hunger. (At the same time, you could reason that world hunger might end if you pressed a nuke button.) 

Dive in deeper into this moral alignment stuff. We guarantee you'll get to know yourself a lot better.

An ally at your job just informed you that upper management has been reviewing your work performance behind your back. What do you do?

An emergency requires that your friend drive cross-country and there's no one else to help them drive. Do you help out?

In the course of you assisting a childhood friend in physically getting their money back from a swindler, the thief insinuates violence. Do you bail?

If riches are a life goal for you, what is your plan for attaining it?

You want to settle down with someone. Do you choose the disloyal person who has lots of money or the very loyal person who has little money?

By some fluke you are able to be invisible for 24 hours only once. What does such a day look like for you?

You walk behind someone you know has been begging in the hot sun all day, and they mistakenly drop a dollar bill from their small pail of earnings. Do you pick up the bill and run?

Many successful people have said that money is meant to be spent. Do you agree?

While in the comfort of your own home, you look through your window and notice a neighbor kicking another neighbor's cat. The cat needs medical assistance as a result. What's your reaction?

Your tipsy boss wants to talk politics at a party. Do you get chummy?

Use the emergency door marked "Alarm will sound," or no?

Brake for a puppy crossing the street, or drive erratically to avoid it and save time?

The super wants to fix a leak from your unit. Do you let them in to stop a flood below you?

A traffic officer gives you a speeding ticket. Do you contest it?

An individual's rights are more important than the rights of the group, correct?

Should an entire group of people suffer for the sins of an individual from that group?

While in prison, do you escape with other inmates, or snitch for perks?

You capture video of your neighbor hitting your parked car. They say nothing. What now?

Do you share the abundant spoils of a thieving friend, or snitch for reward money?

Do you sacrifice your well-being for the comfort of others?

Your partner's dog chewed up your favorite pair of shoes that cost $1000. What's your retaliation plan, if any?

There's a widespread famine that's lasted for months. Food is scarce, but you have enough canned food in your basement to feed several families for one year. Care to share your reserves?

In which political office would you do the most good for people?

There's a rumor going around about your shady past. How do you respond?

Your co-worker has been promoted to be your supervisor; the two of you started the job at the same time and at the same level. Could you handle this new relationship?

You travel to another country where the laws are quite different than the laws in your home country. Do you make it a point to abide by these different laws?

You get a flat tire on the road leading to your neighborhood. Will any of your neighbors in the passing cars stop and help you fix your tire?

Crime is up in your town and someone in your community invites you to participate in the neighborhood watch program. Do you contribute your time to help protect your village?

You notice a former friend from grade school in a market that you just entered. Your former friend looks really good, like life has been good to them. Do you go after your old friend or let the past stay in the past?

A financially challenged sibling wants to stop paying you back a loan. What say you?

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