What's Your Musical Personality?

Lauren Lubas

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Even if you aren't musically inclined, you may know a thing or two about the great musicals that are out there. They're written and composed to help story and music work hand in hand with each other. From "Mamma Mia" to "Wicked," the greatest musicals can touch our souls and leave lasting impressions on us over the years. 

While you may be able to pick your favorites based on which characters resonated with you the first time you watched them on stage, you may not realize that all of these great musicals have their own personalities, and your personality has a musical that connects with it perfectly. That's not saying you have to be perceived as a wicked witch to land yourself a "Wicked" musical personality, but if you constantly find yourself misunderstood, you should be able to draw the connections. So ... are you hardcore and brutally honest like "Rent"? Or do you have a thirst for drama and mystery like "Mamma Mia"? Or is there another musical that perfectly describes your personality with its WICKED-ly perfect (and sometimes frighteningly accurate) connections to your life? 

If you're interested in what your musical personality actually is, answer these questions to find out.

If you were singing a song about yourself, what would it be called?

If something went missing in your house, what would you do?

When your friend asks you if she looks good, but she doesn't, how do you respond?

When you're at a party, do you need to be the center of attention?

If someone is chasing you, what are you most inclined to do?

In which situation is it most appropriate to burst into song?

What is your favorite part about meeting someone new?

Which of these would you consider your favorite Disney movie?

Which of these settings would make you most comfortable?

When it comes to finding friends, what is most important to you?

What is your favorite kind of ending?

When someone you don't like enters the room, how do you react?

If you're depressed, what's the best way to cheer you up?

What do you often wear to bed?

Would you consider yourself a free spirit?

How would you describe your significant other?

Would you rather live in the city or the country?

When you reflect on your life, what are you most likely to do?

If your significant other is sick, what do you do?

When you're stranded on the side of the road, which of these are you most likely to do?

What are you most afraid of?

Do you like surprises?

How do people feel about you when they first meet you?

If you had the chance to cure a major disease, what would it be?

Do you think makeup is necessary?

Would you consider yourself strong?

Where did you meet most of your closest friends?

If you were on stage and something went wrong, what would you do?

Would you ever break character on stage?

Which hairstyle best suits your personality?

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