What’s Your Orc Name?

Ian Fortey

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About This Quiz

While many fantastic creatures can trace their roots to folklore; things like leprechauns or fairies come from ancient Celtic lore and so forth, the concept of the orc may not be as old as you think. They're not creatures of myth and legend, they're creatures of J.R.R. Tolkien. Tolkien created the orcish race and the name "orc" for his "Lord of the Rings" books, and the idea really took off from there. Orcs pervade fantasy literature and film--there's a Netflix movie starring Will Smith called "Bright" about orcs and humans living in the modern world, and of course who could forget the World of Warcraft, the most epic MMORPG game of all time, that sets humans and their alliance against the Orcish Horde. 

Prior to Tolkien "orc" was an Old English term that meant demon or ogre or something along those lines. But the concept we have today of the brutish, tusked, green-skinned monster is all Tolkien with a strong assist from Warcraft and Dungeons and Dragons. That they're so popular just proves that the concept is a really appealing one. So appealing, in fact, you may as well give in and join the horde yourself. But to do so you need a proper Orcish name. So take the quiz and discover yours!

Tell us, friend orc, on what world do you make your home?

Are you part of any kind of clan or family?

What makes an orc better than, say, a dwarf?

Are orcs inherently evil?

Where do the coolest orcs come from?

Orcs tend to ally themselves with other beastly races. Which one is most worthy of an alliance?

Any good orc should ride into battle on a beastly mount of some kind. Pick one!

Not every orc has to fight the same way. Pick your weapon.

When you roll an orc in World of Warcraft you get to choose what class you'll play. Pick yours!

What should a good orc name tell others about you?

What trait should set you apart from the rest of the orcish rabble?

What's the most efficient way to settle your differences with someone?

How important is loyalty?

What is more important, blood or duty?

They say clothes make the man, or woman, but do they make the orc? Pick an important fashion accessory.

What are you wearing on a chain around your neck?

Orcs have enemies near and far. Which enemy tops your list?

If you had to fly a flag, what do you think would be on it?

If you captured some enemy dwarves in battle, what do you think you'd do with them?

Which lesser-known species do you think you'd like to live as for a day?

Do you serve a more sinister master?

Depending on what manner of orc you are, you could be more into battle than others. If you're facing down a charging army, are you standing your ground?

Are you able to wield any magic or dark powers?

Let's take to the skies! What winged mount will carry you over the heads of your enemies?

Let's assume there's no war going on for a moment. What kind of terrain does an orc call home?

What's your opinion on the undead?

How do you deal with a low-ranking orc who keeps messing up his duties?

Can orcs and humans ever get along?

What species frightens you?

Do you work better alone or as part of a group?

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