What's Your Prophet Name?

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The Bible is full of prophets who speak truth to power, make predictions, and interpret the will of God for the regular humans around them. They're people who were touched with a certain spark, a particular connection to the divine that made them able to ascertain best what signs in the world around them really meant. 

Prophecy is not just about making predictions. Indeed, the word "prophecy" means "speaking forth." Prophets' role was to challenge the societies in which they lived to be better, to be resolved to do that which is virtuous, even when it means making the difficult choice. 

This means many - and perhaps most - of them were considered at the least, controversial in their times, and at the most, highly offensive. Some of them even ended up getting their heads chopped off (or worse) by the powers that be since they challenged their authority and their decisions.

What sort of prophet would you be? Would you focus primarily on predicting the future and warning people to mend their ways before a terrible fate befell them? Would you be most interested in issuing proclamations about how terrible everyone is being and giving them the tough love they need? Or would you be a kindlier figure who was ready to offer gentler guidance? Tell us about your prophet attitude, and we'll tell help you choose your prophet name!

When are you most at peace?

What is your favorite movie?

When are you most stressed out?

How handy are you?

What's your special talent?

Would you describe your job as a "square" job?

How do you keep fit?

What are you afraid of?

What is your great pleasure?

How do you prefer to travel?

Do you wear prescription glasses of some kind?

What's your relationship with technology?

How likely are you to overdo things?

How reliant are you on other people?

Do you like to fix things yourself or have someone else do it?

What's your number one hobby?

How much time does your job demand of you?

Are you willing to get your hands dirty?

Are you willing to share in the fruits or failures of your labors?

Do you try to wring productivity from every moment?

Do you occasionally experience flashes of insight?

When things go badly, do you take it upon yourself to put things right?

Do you like to provide for others?

How conformist are you?

How important is it for you to get outside?

Do you get a lot of cheap things that break all the time?

How generous are you?

Are you comfortable around strangers?

Do you get hurt very often?

What is your favorite book?

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