What's Your Redneck Name?

Zoe Samuel

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The redneck lifestyle is as old as America. While some of the things that surround it have certainly changed, it remains fundamentally the same. It's about not being pretentious, about prizing family, God, and community over material things, and about not caring what fancy-pants city folk think of you. 

The term "redneck" originates from a snobby way of referring to white workers who went out into the fields and had to work in the hot sun. They would get a sunburn on their neck, hence the literal "red neck." It was thus a truly classist way of mocking a group of people for having to do manual labor, which in that culture at that time, was deemed to be beneath the dignity of white folks in particular (the same people who coined the term had even worse terms for and ideas about Black people). 

The redneck cultural movement reclaimed the idea of blue-collar work as dignified by virtue of its honesty and difficulty, hence the embracing of the word redneck as a way to say that there is no shame in being poor or working hard; quite the contrary.

Where might you fit into this blue-collar, sunscreen-lacking culture? Let's find out.

Do you have a sofa in your yard?

Is your neck actually red?

What instrument do you play?

Do you listen to country music?

Did you go to college?

How religious are you?

What sort of shape are your teeth in?

Do you like chewing a long piece of grass?

What job do you do?

Do you wear sunscreen?

Do you care what fancy people think of you?

What's your idea of dressed up?

Do you always have a Bible quote?

What sort of house do you live in?

Do you ever miss your roots?

Have you ever been overseas?

Can you line dance?

How many dungarees do you own?

What do you drive?

What do you have on your porch?

What drink do you like?

How hot is too hot?

How often do you go to church?

How close by are the neighbors?

Do you dream of moving to the big city?

Do you ever think of going to night school?

Do you try to stay current with world events?

Do you think you can tell the weather?

Where do you store your guns?

Do you smoke?

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