What's Your Royal Name?

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About This Quiz

If you've always dreamed of becoming a member of royalty, now's your chance to become one with this royal quiz. Being a member of royalty may look like an easy job with so many fancy foods, nice clothes and an abundance of wealth at your disposal, but there's more to it than you might realize.

A member of royalty has to abide by specific rules and codes of conduct to present themselves appropriately for the public eye. And like a movie star, the social life of a royal princess and/or prince may also diminish a bit due to the amount of paparazzi that are waiting for a picture. The real question is, could you handle being a member of royalty? Do you think that this a type of life that you actually want, or is it just a fantasy? More importantly, do you think you can handle the responsibilities of royalty? 

It's also important to think about how you would influence people. Would you give a lot of speeches regarding public issues that you care about? Or would you avoid all of that and stay hidden in your palace? These are just examples of the types of questions that we'll ask you in this royal quiz. It's time for you to tell us more so we can guess what royal name suits you the best!

When you hear the word "princess," what color comes to mind?

Do you believe in proper etiquette manners?

Which of these royal princesses would you want to trade places with?

Are royal hats a genius idea or a fashion crisis?

Which of these royal wedding venues would you want to get married in?

Your royal wedding would be decorated with which of these flowers?

Who would design your royal wedding dress?

If you lived in a palace, would you do your own house cleaning?

If you were a royal princess, where would you want to live?

How do you think you would act around paparazzi?

Should a royal princess go grocery shopping without any makeup on?

What kinds of food would you eat as a member of royalty?

What's an activity that you would do as a member of royalty that you currently can't do now?

Would you use any curse words as a member of royalty?

Would you rather be a royal princess for an entire month or win $10,000 in a lottery?

How would you dress yourself as a member of royalty?

Are there any types of cosmetic procedures that you would get as a royal princess?

Does royalty come from a lineage of royal blood or something else?

How would you feel about being a royal princess who was poor?

Would you change your name for $1,000?

What does a royal princess's soul look like to you?

Would you rather be a Disney princess or a princess from our past history?

What would you do with all of your wealth as a member of royalty?

What is the best personality trait that a royal princess can have?

You were just given a beautiful royal crown. What types of jewels do you see on it?

If you were a royal princess, how would you wear your hair to public events?

If you knew that you had royal blood, would you tell anyone about it?

Should a royal princess learn how to fight in combat?

What type of tea would you sip on in your royal palace?

Which of these royal titles would you want to have?

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