What's Your Southern Grandma Name?

Brian Whitney

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To all your grandmothers all over the world, we salute you. You guys are just the best. Every grandmother is cool in her own way, and some grandmothers are just incredible. Still, we have to say with all due respect that the most amazing grandmothers tend to come from the South. If you look up a picture of a grandmother in the dictionary, the odds are that the photo next to it is of a Grammy from the south of the Mason-Dixon line. They're good with hugs, kissing boo-boos, cheering on their grandkids at a football game as well as teaching them to make the best biscuits and pies in the land. 

And what would a really awesome Southern grandma be without a really cool name? And if you just happened to be a Southern grandma, what might your name be? Would you be a Honey, a Big Momma, a Lolly, a Maw or a MeeMaw? Or possibly you would be a Queenie, a Sassy, a Sugar, or a Two-Mama?

There's only one way to find out your Southern grandma name, and that's to take this quiz. When you're done, why don't y'all come on in for supper and let MeeMaw fix you a plate of something delicious.


How good are you at making biscuits from scratch?

How often do you use the word "yonder" in conversation?

How good does a meal of fried chicken, biscuits, gravy, black-eyed peas, collard greens and mashed potatoes sound?

Do you have any idea how to make pickles?

It's a boring Sunday afternoon, would you enjoy taking a drive around back roads to kill time?

Have you ever in your life called a young boy "Little Mister"?

How much product do you use in your hair?

Is there anything worse than burnt okra stuck to a pan?

Are you always on a family member's side, even when you know they've done something wrong?

How loud is the muffler in your car?

What's your truck of choice, Ford, Chevy or Dodge?

How excited do you get for a good bonfire at night?

Which of the following things are you most likely to say?

How concerned are you with impressing people you don't know?

Do you ever say "Y'all" in general conversation?

How long could you sit on a porch without getting bored?

How big of a role does religion play in your life?

Do you have hard candies in a bowl somewhere in your house?

Do you get all excited when it's time to go in town?

What kind of grades did you get when you were in high school?

If you have leaves that you need to get rid of on your lawn, what would you do?

Have you ever gone mudding in a pickup truck?

How much do you get freaked out when you see a snake?

Have you ever been to a Food Lion or a Publix to go shopping?

Do you say hello to strangers if you pass them on a quiet street?

If you go out for a walk in the woods, would you wear orange?

How many Civil War re-enactors do you know?

Is a house really a house without a wraparound porch?

Is "Fair Season" something that you look forward to?

Which kind of tea is your favorite?

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