What's Your Travel Style?

Zoe Samuel

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About This Quiz

Everyone has their preference for how to see the world, and what part of the world to see, from a luxury cruise to camping in the mountains. Which of these travel styles suits you best - or do you prefer something in between?

What do you need to sleep?

Do you love to see new places?

Do you mix with the hoi polloi?

What's your budget?

What's your timeline?

Are you traveling solo?

Do you love water sports?

What sort of weather suits you best?

What view do you like best?

How do you feel in cities?

What's your idea of hell?

Do you love field sports?

Do you like to see a show?

What are you afraid of on your travels?

Who do you want to avoid?

Do you like history?

Do you like fine dining?

Do you like to eat new things?

Do you speak any languages?

Do you want to be around children?

Do you like new cultures?

Do you try to live like a local?

Is your passport up to date?

Ever caught your own dinner?

How many air miles do you have?

How's your airplane etiquette?

Do you appreciate good wine?

How many continents have you been to?

Why do you travel?

How loud do you like it?

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