What's Your Witch Familiar?

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Back in the day, "witch" used to be a word that people would slap on women who weren't acting the way they wanted them to, in order to get people to turn against that particular woman (indeed, a similar word is often used today for the same purpose). Sometimes the accusers were doing it to maintain control over women they thought were "uppity" and even men they found to be inconvenient. Other times they sincerely had worked themselves into a hysteria whereby they believed that witchcraft had caused their problems, and they honestly felt that they ought to attribute drought, a dead cow, or lack of success in love to Satan's earthly minions, the witches.

These days, we know how unfair and ridiculous this was. After all, today, a "witch hunt" literally means a politically motivated hunt to find enemies who don't exist or dump blame on innocent people. That's because witches aren't real! Or aren't they? We would all feel pretty darn silly if we found out that actually, the witch-hunters were right - about the existence of witches, at least, if not the specific identities of the people they burned at the stake.

Just in case they were onto something and acquiring witchy powers is possible, it's probably a good idea to know what your familiar will be. That's an animal that's real, but functions like a combination of a spirit guide and magician's assistant. What familiar you have depends on your personality, how powerful a witch you are, and the kinds of spells you would like to cast. Let's get started!

Do you live in the city or the country?

Do you study hard at witchery or mostly wing it?

Who will your spells help?

Do you think "Wicked" is a fair representation of witches?

Do you work with other witches?

Do you fear discovery?

What sort of public figure would you like to put a hex on?

What social problem would you like your magic to solve?

Are you a good witch?

Besides a hat, what witch clothing do you wear most often?

Do you have a flying broom?

Where do you brew your potions?

From where do you cast your spells?

Have you ever cast a spell on the wrong person?

Have you ever done magic just to prove to someone that you could?

Do you ever use magic for purely selfish reasons?

Do you ever feel like your magic is a curse as much as a blessing?

What witch stereotype is actually pretty accurate?

Do you own a pointy hat?

Have you ever had a spell go horribly wrong?

Would you marry a non-witch?

How much time per week do you spend doing witchcraft?

Who taught you to do magic?

Do you prefer organic or conventional herbs in your spells?

Were you born a witch or did you come by your powers later?

Do you have any witch relatives other than direct ancestors?

Do you fear the crowds with pitchforks?

Do you do witchcraft for money?

Have you ever gone to a witch convention?

How do you keep your witch status secret?

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