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As Earth's population continues to rise, wheat plays an increasingly essential role in making sure everyone gets enough to eat. You can find cultivated wheat fields and dishes across the globe. It's time to put your wheat knowledge to the test.

For roughly how long have humans cultivated wheat?

Historians think humans have cultivated wheat for about 10,000 years, though archeologists have discovered evidence of milling operations that date back even further.


How many acres do wheat fields cover worldwide?

Wheat dominates an estimated 500 million acres worldwide -- more than any other food crop.


How much of the global wheat crop is planted to ensure future harvests?

Roughly 10 percent goes right back into the ground to ensure future harvests, but most of the rest goes to feed humans and livestock around the world.


How many stages are there in a wheat plant's life cycle?

The wheat plant's life cycle takes place in four stages: tillering, stem extension, heading and ripening.


Which part of a wheat kernel contains the wheat plant embryo?

Each grain or kernel of wheat consists of a wheat plant embryo called a germ (as in germinate), protected by a thick outer coating called the bran and fueled by the protein-rich endosperm.


Which variety of wheat is known as "common wheat?"

Triticum aestivum is known as "common wheat." We use this variety in flour and bread making.


If you're enjoying a cookie or a slice of cake, which variety of wheat probably was used to make your tasty treat?

A subspecies of common wheat, Triticum compactum, or "club wheat," produces a softer flour and is mostly used in cakes, cookies and crackers.


What's it called when you remove the wheat grains from the rest of the head?

Threshing is the act of removing the wheat grains from the rest of the head or chaff.


Which part of the wheat grain can turn rancid in flour if not properly stored?

The germ contains fat, which can turn rancid in flour if not properly stored.


Which part of the wheat grain isn't used to make white bread?

In white bread and bleached white flour, both the bran and the endosperm have been removed to ensure smoother texture and longevity.


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