Where in the Solar System Do You Belong?

Kennita Leon

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About This Quiz

The Solar System is pretty huge. It has many different components, all different and interesting in their own way. The question is, where do you belong? Take this quiz to find out.

How much do you know about space?

Which part of the solar system would you want to live on?

What size home are you going to live in out in space?

What is your space house going to be made out of?

Which planet is your favorite?

Which planet-inspired item would you purchase?

If you had to have one piece of technology from Earth in your solar system home, what would it be?

Food is running low and an unconscious astronaut floats your way. Would you eat them?

What would you do if you ran into an alien?

How would you want to get around in space?

What would you do for a living out in space?

What kind of not-so-great weather would your solar system home be prone to?

What element of space scares you the most?

How many hours would a day in your part of the solar system be?

Which view would you want to see from your solar system home every night?

Even astronauts get to bring animals into space. What kind of animal would keep your company?

Which mythological creature would be native to your part of the solar system?

What would you miss the most about living on Earth?

How would you keep in touch with people back Earth?

Which 2016 space movie would you watch to prepare you for your journey to your new solar system home?

Which Star Wars robot would you want to have at your side?

Most of the parts of the solar system were named after the Greeks. Which Greek God is your favorite?

Which virtue do you value the most?

Which element are you most in touch with?

Which season is your all-time favorite?

Would you say people like you?

What would your friends come to you for advice about?

Who's the one person you're closest to?

Where would you go on vacation?

Last but not least, where does your astrological sign lie?

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