Which '50s Hairstyle Should You Rock?

Tori Highley

About This Quiz

The 1950s were a great time for fun innovative hairstyles that flattered a lot of women. Take this quiz to find out which retro hairstyle you should try.

Which hair styling tool do you use the most?

Which 1950s musician would you rock out to?

Which '50s accessory is your favorite?

Which hair styling product do you use most often?

Which book from the '50s is your favorite?

Which classic television show do you binge watch on rainy days?

What is your favorite 1950s car to cruise around town in?

Which cocktail do you love ordering at the bar?

Which lasting toy of the '50s makes you feel most nostalgic?

What do you NOT miss about the good old days?

Which retro appliance do you own?

Which career would you had in the 1950s?

Which classic board game do you love playing with your family?

Which movie from the '50s is your favorite?

Which city does your heart yearn to visit?

What kind of hair do you have?

Which '50s desserts do you crave?

Which icon do you model your personal style after?

What do you love doing "the old-fashioned way"?

Which trend of the '50s do you wish would make a comeback?

How often do you go into the hair salon?

Which social media account do you use the most?

Which color hair is most flattering to your skin tone?

Which decade after the 1950s had your favorite fashion style?

Which modern icon do you love for their fashion sense?

What would you adopt from the past to reduce your waste?

Which movie set in the '50s do you watch the most?

Which outdoor game do you play during a picnic?

What is your favorite way to pull your hair out of the way?

Where do you keep your favorite hair tie when you are not using it?

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