Which '80s Movie Teacher Are You?

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The 1980s produced many kinds of movies that focused on different ways of learning. Whether they are about learning sports of some sort or a musical instrument or any form of artwork, teachers inspired students to create and to be creative during that decade. 

Of course, there are so many movies that did not focus solely on extracurricular activities or special classes alone. There were movies about life inside formal educational systems, too. Whether the story is set in grade school, high school or college, movie audiences saw lots of diversity from Hollywood back then.

But the learning was not limited to the didactic kind of teaching. In fact, some of these '80s movies were very memorable because their featured teachers were very memorable. There are even movies where you remember the story solely because of the teacher! Students get their limelight often in the movies, so it's a great alternative to see how things are run from the other side of the educational fence.

Do you think you fit the personality of a teacher? Let's test and see. If you think you have the persona of an '80s movie teacher, now is the time to find out! Take this quiz and discover! After all, we learn something new every day, right? Right!

Are you happy teaching humanities lessons to high schoolers?

Do you think of fighting as the very last resort in “resolving” a problem?

Are you tough enough to face even the most hooligan type of students?

Will you allow latecomers to enter your classroom?

Are you fine with teaching at an exclusive all-boys or all-girls school?

Will you teach your students the lesson directly, like spoon-feed them?

Can you hold your own against gang-like students who try to threaten you?

Are you OK with students wearing shades inside the classroom?

Do you encourage your students to do their best and to seize the day?

Are you willing to share some info on your personal life to make you relatable to your students?

Do you encourage your shy students to speak up more in class?

Are you passionate about teaching a subject matter to your students, even if they don’t appear passionate themselves?

Do you encourage students to pursue their interests in a poetic manner, like “suck the marrow out of life?"

If push came to shove, will you intervene and defend your student yourself from bullies?

Do you encourage your smart students to work even harder?

Will you go the extra mile and visit your most delinquent student in their house to possibly help them out?

Do you encourage your students to make bold moves, such as tearing useless pages out of their textbooks?

Do you help your students to avoid getting beaten up in an obviously unfair fight?

Are you willing to work on weekends and holidays just to teach students to be better?

Are you good at outwitting your students who think they put one over on you?

Can you hold your own in facing the rich and elite snobbish parents of your students?

Are you OK with having your student fight his opponents in a more structured and “just” arena?

Are you courageous enough to tell your best students’ parents to support their kids’ ambitions of pursuing higher learning?

Does your appearance and demeanor command immediate respect from your students?

Do you like connecting your highfalutin lessons on the arts to real life, to make something like poetry relatable to every student?

Are you very patient with teaching a very stubborn and arrogant student?

Do you make learning fun, with lessons that are relatable to students in the "real world?"

Do you have the tendency to shame your students right in front of their classmates?

Do you encourage your students to indulge in violent behavior?

Will you allow your students to eat while in class?

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