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From "M.A.S.H." to "Growing Pains" to "Murphy Brown," the '80s launched numerous hilarious sitcoms that struck a chord in America. Can you name the following '80s sitcom characters?

Who was the star character in the '80s classic "Charles in Charge"?

Indeed, Charles was the primary character in"Charles in Charge," which debuted in 1984. The show made a hunky heartthrob out of Scott Baio.


Which character is the owner of the famous bar in "Cheers"?

Sam Malone is a recovering alcoholic who (perhaps unwisely) owns and operates the bar in "Cheers." He leads a gang of barflies through hundreds of episodes of the famous show.


Who was the leader of most of the hilarity in the 4077th during "M.A.S.H." episodes?

With his ability to blend seriousness and fun, Alan Alda transformed the goofy Hawkeye Pierce into one of TV's most unforgettable characters. Hawkeye knew the value of laughter but also treated everyone (except Frank) with empathy.


In "Family Ties," which character is a young and very conservative Republican?

Michael J. Fox rose to fame started with his role as Alex P. Keaton, the conservative and insufferably smug Republican who also sometimes displays a very likable human side.


Which character plays a butler who works for the Tate family?

In "Benson," Robert Guillaume is Benson DuBois, who keeps a tight ship in the home of Governor Gatling. Benson is no idle servant -- his wisdom and wit help the governor through some sticky situations.


Who is the mischievous, mouthy teenager in "Growing Pains"?

In "Growing Pains," Kirk Cameron plays the part of Michael Seaver, a New York teenager who often opposes his psychiatrist father Jason. He's only one of four kids who cause "growing pains" for his parents.


Which former Navy man lives with two women, Chrissy and Janet?

Actor John Ritter plays the part of Jack Tripper, who by accident winds up living with two single women in "Three's Company." Jack is the focus of much of the show's slapstick comedy.


Which character became famous for saying "Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Willis"?

Arnold Jackson, played by Gary Coleman, is the pint-sized star of "Diff'rent Strokes." Every time Arnold became agitated, he resorted to his catchphrase -- "Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Willis?"


Which character is the romantic interest of Judge Harry Stone in "Night Court"?

Christine Sullivan is the blonde public defender in "Night Court." When she's not working for justice, she's in the judge's chambers.


Who was often referred to by the nickname "Hot Lips"?

In "M.A.S.H.," Loretta Swit plays the part of Maj. Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan. Margaret often takes offense to the undisciplined behavior exhibited by the likes of Hawkeye, Trapper and B.J.


Actor Tony Danza plays ____ in "Who's the Boss."

In "Who's the Boss," Tony Danza (or was it Scott Baio?) plays a single man who stumbles into a gig working as a housekeeper for a struggling family. The show had some of the highest ratings of the '80s.


Shelley Long played ____ in the bar-based series "Cheers."

Long was famous for her role as Diane Chambers, whose on-again-off-again relationship with Sam Malone created much of the drama in "Cheers."


In "Moonlighting," who is the former model who becomes a private detective?

Cybill Shepherd takes the spotlight by portraying Maddie Hayes, a broke former model who becomes a private detective. She teams up with Bruce Willis, who plays the rambunctious David Addison.


Which character was a star quarterback for his high school football team but is now a simple shoe salesman?

Al Bundy spends many episodes of "Married, With Children" reminiscing about his high school glories. He marries Peggy … and his life spirals into a morass of blue-collar debt.


Which character becomes a caretaker for young children and winds up in the middle of all sorts of family hijinks?

In "Charles in Charge," Charles is the college student who lives with a family and helps to care for the kids. Along the way, he captures the hearts of teenage girls across America.


Alyssa Milano became famous thanks to which character in the '80s?

Alyssa Milano became a child star thanks to her role as Samantha Micelli, the daughter of Tony Micelli in "Who's the Boss?" Samantha is a cute, precocious kid who needs guidance from both her father and his father's employer, Mona.


Which character appeared in both "Cheers" and "Frasier"?

Frasier Crane is the often dour psychotherapist who appears in "Cheers" and then stars in "Frasier." In "Cheers," he's one of Diane Chambers' love interests.


Which character from "The Golden Girls" loves to share stories about growing up in Minnesota?

Rose, played by the iconic Betty White, is the gentle-natured native of Minnesota. She spends many episodes sharing whimsical (and weird) tales from her childhood.


In "M.A.S.H.," which character is often seen finding comfort in a plush teddy bear?

Radar is just a young kid far, far from home and facing the grim realities of war in Korea. It's no wonder he relies on a teddy bear for emotional support.


Which character is a former beauty queen who becomes a silent parter in a fashion company in "Designing Women"?

Delta Burke plays Suzanne Sugarbaker, the egotistical beauty queen who refuses to acknowledge her real age. She marries and divorces multiple times and loves, loves, loves money.


____ is the old-school hippie who clashes with his son in "Family Ties."

Actor Michael Gross played Steven Keaton, the hippie-ish father who fights about politics (and everything else) with his son, Alex Keaton. Father and son rarely give ground to each other, but ultimately they always make amends.


What's the name of a young girl being who's raised by a foster parent in the '80s?

Soleil Moon Frye became famous as the tiny girl named Punky in "Punky Brewster." Abandoned by her mother, she winds up in the care of Henry Warnimont.


Which character essentially served as a replacement for Diane Chambers in "Cheers"?

Actress Kirstie Alley earned rave reviews as Rebecca Howe, who stepped into "Cheers" once Shelly Long left the production. Like Diane Chambers, Rebecca is drawn to Sam Malone.


In "The Golden Girls," which character spends much of her time chasing men?

Blanche Devereaux is the affluent Southern belle who spends many episodes of "The Golden Girls" pursuing men. She shares her physical encounters in great detail.


Who was the lead character in the wacky "Newhart"?

Comedian Bob Newhart was the star of "Newhart." In this show, Bob and his wife Mary run a quaint bed and breakfast in Vermont.


He's the rich kid at the helm of "Silver Spoons."

Ricky Stratton is the ultra-rich kid who displays maturity beyond his years in "Silver Spoons." The show made Ricky Schroder a megastar.


In "Perfect Strangers," a Chicagoan lives with his distant European cousin. What's his cousin's name?

During "Perfect Strangers" episodes, Larry and Balki make for strange roommates, and they are always struggling with (hilarious) cultural differences.


This wacky sitcom was called "Laverne & _____."

Penny Marshall is Laverne DeFazio and Cindy Williams plays Shirley Feeney in "Laverne & Shirley," which aired from '76 to '83. The two women live together and work at a local brewery.


Who's the nerdy kid in "Family Matters?"

In "Family Matters" Steve Urkel dons his nerdy glasses and suspenders and torments other characters with his nasally voice. But deep down, he's a good kid.


She had the last name of Zbornak and was the most responsible and wise of the four women in "The Golden Girls."

In "The Golden Girls," there is not a lot of stability in the personalities of the characters … except for Dorothy Zbornak. Dorothy is the wise sage who guides the other three women through their various crises.


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