Which '80s Song Is Your Theme Song?

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Many think the 1980s was the dawn of the digital era. New technologies were popping up in almost every aspect of life. From heart transplants and compact synthesizers to personal computers and DNA mapping, no one could deny the '80s was a big deal. Fashion was no exception, with bright neon colors littering the landscape. And with loud fashion came even louder music.

Music was fun, catchy and, most notably, dance-able.  Instead of performing live, many of the hits had music videos, each with a bigger production budget than the last. To show the world the true definition of a music video, Michael Jackson released "Thriller" in 1983, the third video from his album of the same name. Director John Landis and special effects guru Rick Baker (director and Academy Award-winning makeup artist for "An American Werewolf in London") helped bring Michael Jackson's horror-movie themed video to life. And with horror icon Vincent Price providing voice-overs and a 45-minute documentary following it, "Thriller" became a masterpiece.  

It wasn't just the men spending big bucks on videos. Madonna had a slew of tuxedo-clad men in her "Material Girl" video. She then followed that up with a lion and trips to Venice and New York for her "Like a Virgin" video. She even held a contest that decade for the bragging rights (and $25,000) for creating the concept for her "True Blue" video. 

So in the name of big hair and bigger personalities, what would be the theme song of your life?  One way to find out is to take this quiz!

Name the music genre that is most represented on your playlist.

Select the song you would play at your wedding.

Which Madonna song would you most likely know all the lyrics to?

You're on a road trip. Which song would be blaring out your sound system?

Which one-hit wonder wrote your jam?

You want to pack something to read on the plane. What will it be?

Tiffany rose to stardom by singing in malls. Which of her songs did you most relate to?

You're doing homework when a Debbie Gibson song comes on the radio. Which song would have you grabbing your brush and singing into it like it's a mic?

Choose the song that most speaks to you, based on geographic location.

What color boombox did you own?

Which Wham! song got your feet tapping?

Rap and hip hop were in their infancy in the '80s. Which song did you like the most?

You've met someone amazing. Which song would you sing to them?

Which song best describes your school days?

Michael Jackson exploded onto the scene in the '80s. Which of his hits do you dig the most?

Which country song would you dance to at a honky-tonk?

Select your favorite New Kids On The Block song.

Choose a song about work you would play during your commute to the office.

Glam rock was huge in the '80s. Which of these bands did you most prefer?

When it came to glam rock, Poison was a top contender with its style of music. Which of their tunes did you most dig?

Which Guns N' Roses song speaks to you the most?

In 1989, Metallica became the first metal band to appear on a Grammy broadcast. Which of their songs would you bang your head to?

The '80s had some incredible movies. Which soundtrack gave you the chills?

In your opinion, what made the '80s music so awesome?

You've just found out your significant other cheated on you. Which song would you play to cheer yourself up?

Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start The Fire" lit up the charts in 1989. Were you a fan?

If you were an actor, which movie would you have been cast in?

Your mohawk drew inspiration from which song?

Which duet had you singing along?

Several artists have revisited old '80s songs. Which of these remakes is your favorite?

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